Religion of Peace (State of War)

Originally posted to RWP I on 22 March, 2017

At least they weren’t racists?

2017.03.17 France – Paris: A father and son’s throats are slit by a Saracen yelling ‘Allah Akbar’.

2017.02.03 France – Paris: A Saracen wielding a machete charges guests at the Louvre while shouting ‘Allah Akbar!’

2017.01.11 Germany – Oberhausen: A Saracen yelling praises to Allah stabs a customer at a store parking lot.

2016.12.29 Austria – Voecklamarkt: An Austrian woman is stabbed while reading at a refugee center.

2016.12.19 Germany – Berlin: Eleven patrons are slaughtered when a hijacked truck plows into a crowd at a market.

2016.12.19 Germany – Friedrich-Krauze-Ufer: An ‘asylum seeker’ murders a driver and steals his truck for use in another attack.

2016.10.16 Germany – Hamburg: Two German teens are stabbed by a ‘radicalized’ Muslim while sitting below a bridge.

2016.10.05 Belgium – Brussels: A Saracen stabs two police officer while shouting in Arabic.

2016.09.09 England – Hull: A Muslim man cuts and holds his neighbor at knifepoint, but is talked out of beheading after ‘frogmarching’ him to a mosque.

2016.09.08 France – Boussy-Saint-Antoine: A Muslim woman stabs a police officer after planting explosives outside a building.

2016.09.07 Belgium – Brussels: A Muslim attacks two police officers with a knife.

2016.09.04 France – Osny: A Muslim radical stabs two prison guards.

2016.09.03 France – Belfort: Islamists savagely beat a writer and his son over a book about Jihad.

2016.09.02 France – Vincennes: A Muslim radical stabs a police officer.

2016.08.31 Denmark – Christiania: Two cops and a civilian are shot by a Bosnian-born Muslim with ties to ISIS.

2016.08.30 France – Toulouse: A young female police officer is stabbed by a Muslim in a planned attack.

2016.08.27 Germany – Oberhausen: A couple enjoying a picnic are brutally stabbed by a Saracen shouting praises to Allah.

2016.08.06 Belgium – Charleroi: A Saracen attacks two female police officers with a machete while praising Allah.

2016.08.03 England – London: A Somali Muslim runs out of a mosque and stabs an American tourist to death while chanting ‘Allah, Allah.’

2016.07.26 France – Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray: Muslim radicals take hostages and slit the throat of an 84-year-old man.

2016.07.24 Germany – Ansbach: A Syrian ‘asylum seeker’ detonates a nail-packed suicide bomb at a wine bar outside a music festival.

2016.07.19 France – Garda-Colombe: A mother and her three young daughters are stabbed by a Muslim during breakfast for not being sufficiently clothed.

2016.07.18 Germany – Wuerzburg: A ‘refugee’ with an axe hacks at people on a train while screaming ‘Allah Akbar’.

2016.07.14 France – Nice: A Muslim migrant mows down eighty-six Bastille Day revelers (including ten children) with a truck while shouting praises to Allah.

2016.06.13 France – Magnanville: A terrorist stabs a couple to death while shouting praises to Allah.

2016.05.27 France – Saint Julien du Puy: An off-duty soldier is stabbed by ISIS supporters while jogging.

2016.05.20 England – London: A Turk yelling about Lee Rigby stabs four women in a parking lot on the third anniversary.

2016.05.19 Germany – Baden-Württemberg: A 70-year-old woman is murdered in her home by a young Muslim who leaves a ‘religious’ note at the scene.

2016.05.10 Germany – Grafing: A Saracen shouting praises to Allah stabs four commuters at a train station.

2016.04.17 England – Manchester: A woman is stabbed to death by her husband for ‘disobeying Islam’ by working as a care giver.

2016.04.16 Germany – Essen: ISIS-inspired teens bomb a Sikh wedding.

2016.03.24 Scotland – Glasgow: An Ahmadi minority is stabbed to death by a radical Muslim over his religious beliefs.

2016.03.22 Belgium – Brussels: Fourteen people are murdered when two suicide bombers detonate nail-packed explosives at crowded airline counters.

2016.03.22 Belgium – Brussels: A Religion of Peace suicide blast on a subway train incinerates twenty-one commuters.

The last 365 days of European Cultural Enrichment brought to you by The Religion of Peace. Add now one more to the top of that list. Five more Londoners dead. Think it might be time to start fighting back, regardless of what (((the powers in charge))) think?

  • Der Wille zur Macht

P.S. If you skimmed that list, go back and read it again. Every one of those people who were injured or died lost their lives through the generosity they showed to the Saracen.

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