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Originally posted 7 May 2017

There is no more easy way forward – march or die

Yes, we of the Right often desire and create for children and students the harsh tests of adversity – ‘the cruel tests of needless suffering,’ those unfit to win life on Nature’s terms (thus, their lifestyles’ appalling assault and toll upon the Nature whose uncheated judgment would condemn them to the compost heap of failure well-salvaged) or else (((scheming))) to divorce our People from the healthy foundation of Natural Law would say. But are our ‘harsh tests of adversity’ “suffering”? The Power (and, thus, the Responsibility!) of that living-through lies with each man and woman on our Quest, for which reason we’ll no more than mention that personal questioning here tonight. More importantly to yesterday’s and to tomorrow’s posts, though – are our ‘harsh tests of adversity’ “needless”?

It takes a truly domesticated (you know, like cattle or sheep for eating or scapegoat-sacrifice) “mind” to see Nauð, Need, as “evil” because of how unflatteringly its demands display certain groups’ fitness for Life. These are the same sorts of “people” (the opposite of egalitarian by virtue of being the opposite of materialistic, Right Wing Philosophy views humanity worthy of that name as exemplifying Excellence of Body, Mind, and Spirit: thus, personhood in any noteworthy sense as – an achievement!) who are constantly bleating about their alleged “human rights” when they are not even willing or able to satisfy the most basic of human or even subhuman duties. But like the concept of ‘suffering’, ‘need’ also tends to favour positive or negative inflections – depending upon the Will of the individual! Thus leaving the plaintive Life-condemnation of the páśu proletariat of the spirit and its resentful being-at-the-mercy-of through weakness of Will to that Nature which knows no mercy – let us speak, as we love to on this page: to Our People.

Need can only ever be a response, within-Nature, to those circumstances dictated by Ϝανάγκη, Necessity, to Nature and all within her. Some would throw the equivalent of an existential tantrum here, and this is appropriate for those who will never face up to Necessity and grow up! But this act of growing up is the exact outcome desired by that popularly-maligned goddess of Natural Law. By edict of Necessity, Need prevails within this Life. To this extent, for those who either Will it or abdicate their Will to Nature’s entropic default, ‘Life is truly Suffering’. To those with the Power to Create what they Will, it is something also Necessary here: friction.

There is an ancient phenomenon associated with humankind’s first growing-up steps of Faustian-Promethean daring in the face of Necessity’s harsh tests of adversity: this is called the need-fire, and is the painstaking (believe me! no, to Hel with that páśus’ belief-mongering: try it! succeed at it!) Creation of Fire by the friction of two sticks. It was not, is not easy – not just any dumb animal can do it! – but suddenly, man was Man and not a helpless child. Man could make and take the Creative Fire wherever he roamed, and was no longer at the mercy of the stormy skies for Fire from the heavens. Through the trials of Fire – of Need – our ancestors separated us from all those animals that, like our rapidly devolving contemporaries, were just not fit for separation as conscious beings pursuing their own Destiny.

Need, another trial of Necessity and her daughter Nature, has two faces: both real insofar as made real by the Will or its submission to what is stronger than it. Need can be suffering, anger, delusion, the turning of one’s back upon Ascent through denial of its first climbing steps. Or, Need can be the trial leading to Awakening of the Creative Fires, and having been met opening the way to meeting with divine Necessity – far from a cruel and evil goddess, rather the most diligent of parents from whose perspective so few on Our Earth manage to truly be Born.

ᚾ “Trouble Is Oppressive To The Heart;
Yet Often It Proves A Source Of Help And Salvation-
To The Children Of Men, To Everyone Who Heeds It Betimes-” ᚾ

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