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Originally posted 27 May 2017

As there could be no Christianism without Judaism, so could there be no Marxism without Christianism

When this page began its first incarnation six months ago, we collectively decided that the only way we could approach spirituality was as follows: “Aryan Spirituality for Aryan People.” Long into the night we talked, ensuring we were on the same page and no dissent would linger under the surface (we have actually never once disagreed on Page Policy, interestingly. 9mm vs .45acp, on the other hand….).

“Aryan Spirituality connects the Aryan back to his roots. It strengthens his spirit, aligns him with his own racial current, lets him see through ancestor veneration where he resides both forward and backward in time, speaks to his racial consciousness about his own identity and helps him bring about the best possible manifestation of himself.”

“Atheism completely disconnects the Aryan from his Spiritual Roots and Destiny. It renders all things to the Material, where the Enemy is strongest. It even destroys racial identity, as it places the individual’s needs and wants first, since his existence starts and ends with him.”

“Paganism, with very, very few exceptions, of which we refuse to even mention unless they have thoroughly proven their dedication to the Blood, lest they turn around and reveal themselves as the Good Goys they are the day after we endorse them, is compromised, Judaized, Christianized, Marxist, degenerate, and fit only for the Perpetual Betas who, in any sane world, would have been left to die of exposure in infancy.”

There is but one more to discuss, and it is the barbed and poisoned hook buried into so many of our Brothers’ and Sisters’ Spirits.

Yesterday, I received a phone call from a man I have known almost my whole life. Who first shown me the very beginnings of the spiritual path I now walk. “Der Wille, I am so envious of you. You have become so strong in the Aryan current, you embody it in everything you do. I struggle every day with my Cucktholic programming. I fear only Hell for knowing what is Right and in my Blood.” So strong is the barbed hook buried in him, he fights it still after twenty years of calling the Sidhe, of seeking to embody Cuchulainn, the Warrior who, even in Death, his enemies feared.

This page has received countless expressions of gratitude, for inspiring people to pursue what they’ve always known was the Truth. That if you’re going to place your People first, you need your People’s Spirituality. To each and every one of you so inspired, whether you have voiced it or not, we salute you.

We have also received criticism from some rather interesting sources. One, a kid who had followed us for approximately three days, commented, “Heh. They criticized Christianity. Now they’ve lost ALL credibility!” Another, a Pedophile Priest from the District of Columbia, regaled us with walls of text about how we were wrong for embodying strength, and should embody weakness like he does. Other comments were more well meaning, or perhaps designed to open lines of inquiry.

  • “What’s the deal with Christianity, RWP?”

The First and Foremost problem with it, is that it cuts an Aryan off from His Spirituality and His Source. We acknowledge that, as all things descend from the Spiritual Plane, this action serves to weaken the Aryan’s spirit in much the same way a poor diet weakens his body. In its place, it places the Aryan on his knees, worshiping a Jew who attempts to control the Aryan through a twisted Stockholm Syndrome from “Original Sin,” a concept that doesn’t exist to us. And where do we find ourselves now? Aryans and their governments, on their knees, worshiping Israel, controlled through the guilt of the “Six Million.” And so, the Spiritual has been made manifest on the Physical.

It introduces the utterly contemptible concept of needing to be “saved” from “Original Sin,” an either-or proposition placing all the cards into the hands of the Jew, who decides who’s been a Good Goy and receives an impossible to prove “everlasting life,” or eternal torment. This, when the Aryan’s Destiny is a perpetual state of Unfolding and Striving towards the Unknown. Of realizing our Destiny out among the stars and into the places of the world Science as yet fears to tread, lest it attempt to quantify the uncountable. The idea of needing to beg forgiveness for a stain marring Purity is one befitting the (((Twelve Tribes))), NOT an Aryan!

  • “Heh. We’re Orthodox! We’re traditional! Not like those liberal Presbyterians and other nutcases!”

    Yeah, here’s how your traditional GoodGoythodox leaders feel about your veneration of the Volk and love for ethnic nationalism:

    “In the Christian Church, which is a spiritual communion, predestined by its Leader and Founder to contain all nations in one brotherhood in Christ, racism is alien and quite unthinkable. Indeed, if it is taken to mean the formation of special racial churches, each accepting all the members of its particular race, excluding all aliens and governed exclusively by pastors of its own race, as its adherents demand, racism is unheard of and unprecedented.”
    -Synod of 1872, regarding the Bulgarian Exarchate

In other words, love for your own People runs counter to the (((official dogma))) of (((equality))) before (((Christ))) and you need to be punished through excommunication, Goyim!

  • “Yeah, well I’m a member of [Obscure Nonsense Church that claims 400 members worldwide]. WE are the REAL heirs to (((Jewsus)))!”

Assuming you’re an Ethnic Nationalist and Far Right and spouting this esoteric nonsense about your mental gymnastics, lets just go straight to the source delineated to us so succinctly by Paul the Jew:

“There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”
– Galatians 3:28

Between the races.
Between social castes.
Between the sexes.

Explain to me how Marxism, the political doctrine, is not the logical heir to this spiritual poison.

In truth, we could write entire books on this subject alone, there is so much material. But it comes to this: Ethnic Nationalism, Natural Law, the Far Right, the pursuit of Strength, the desire to Struggle and Strive, to Unfold and Manifest our Destiny, all of these run counter to Christian dogma. Christianity renders unequal things equal. It upsets Natural Law.

It turns you towards the Jew, and against your own People.

It is, truly, the Initial Wound which allowed for the poison to drip into our veins. Lacking this wound, Marxism would have been laughed at, and its adherents rounded up and executed as dissidents to proper political thought.

It is the dagger which severs our connection to our Source. Our Source, which aligns with Natural Law. Which demands we struggle and fight. Which empowers and emboldens us to reach forever further.

This is why Right Wing Philosophy fights tirelessly against this Usurper Poison. We want Our People to be the full embodiment of all that the Aryan can be.

It is our Mission to reunite Our People with Our Spirituality. To help Our People fight off this proto-Marxist poison infecting them and to reconnect them to Our Source.

To help them remember.
We are Children of the Sun.

  • Der Wille zur Macht

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