The Greatest Duty

Originally posted to RWP I on 27 March, 2017

Part III of III

A Folk without Sages to guide it and Nobility to lead it – is helpless livestock for the voracious Enemy

The past three days in particular have seen us paying especial attention to the three major components of a worthy Civilization – indeed, of a healthy People. First, we sought to describe the ultimate basis of our Tradition: Right Knowledge, that distinctly Aryan foundation derived from the union of Natural Law and Spiritual Truth that we have in mind when we speak of such philosopher-kingly traits as Wisdom and Understanding.

From there, we took the time to rightly extol that practical necessity when it comes to realizing our unique Destiny in a world of hostile and hateful forces: Right Action, that uncompromising dedication to Struggle which alone can win Victory through the nobly unashamed warriorly traits of Will to Power.

Last night, Der Wille zur Macht set forth with utter clarity the succinctly practical crvx of what must be all our efforts towards raising this beleaguered Aryan Tradition back to its rightful leadership of this world otherwise doomed to the reign of either Entropy or the Subhuman. And it really is that simple: you know, all of you in whom the inner Divine Flame of the Aryan Spirit lives on in spite of all thus far, you know what is demanded for our survival, let alone our Destiny. And so much mass and inertia (and filth) is heaped up against it, against our People, by our Enemy, yet Victory demands from us One Thing über alles, and an EASY thing to remember: Do Not (((Compromise))). From this resolution, all the rest can and will follow if your dedication is sincere and your hatred pure – so, tonight, let’s bolster that commitment with some words on something we can and should Love: let’s talk, tonight, of the deceived and parasitized but potentially Destined masses of our People at large. The Folk.

If the regal caste of the Aryan Hierarchy can be said to orient the Civilization according to Wisdom (Natural Law) and Understanding (Spiritual Truth), and the warrior caste to defend that Civilization from competing and/or hateful hostiles (often defending by attacking!) through embrace of Will to Power, the generative caste can be said to give substance to the People through their Folk Tradition. Farmers and artisans, the Folk supports and sustains the entire worldly presence of the Tradition through commitment to their own callings of Fertility and Creativity. It is for the Folk that the Leaders lead and the Warriors war, and these wars and leadings are brought about in order to CONSISTENTLY RAISE the inherited and achieved qualitative stature of the Folk. 

But, you may react with some dismay at this point: are not the vast majority of the People far away from any acceptance or even cognizance of our Tradition, and have we not just decisively advocated Total Purity, Zero (((Compromise)))? To this I would answer, we SHALL not compromise – pollution of Blood makes one NOT of our People: but as long as the Blood is pure, the instincts lie buried. The Folk do not find their calling in war or leadership, they have only had to do the best they could in the face of the Enemy’s divisive conquering. As always, an Aryan Renaissance is just one Hitler away. Well: in light of the worldwide disaster of Hitler’s touchingly but disastrously soft-hearted policies, we should say that a successful Resurgence in this Kalîyugá – is just one Kâlî away.

You may ask, also: are not our People today languishing and lost, directed and deluded to and fro over this polluted Earth in the shekelclaws of the (((Tribe That Lies))), hapless and heedless through near near-total lack of contact with Tradition, Our People’s Tradition at any rate? To this I would answer, yes: from the spiritual poisoning of (((Christ)))ianity to the intellectual corrosion of (((Marx)))ism, the same (((Enemy))) behind both has done everything possible to separate our People from any potential Leaders with an eye to Natural Law or Spiritual Truth. Let Us become those Leaders for Our People, then. Because defeat is not an option.

You might ask, further: is our People’s plight not all but hopeless by this time, surmounted and surrounded by all the ever-fecund forces of Dirtiness and Dissolution? To this I would answer, it is certainly true: that the vilest, most treacherous and deceitful (((Enemy))) known to human history of anti-human parasites has indeed spent millennia stacking the deck, and using every slimy and merchantly ruse of making it appear even more stacked, especially since using its engineered lack of Leaders for our People to (((cynically))) and (((ironically))) pervert the very ideal of the Warrior among the credulous nations. Let Us become those Warriors for Our People, then. Because defeat is not an option.

The destruction of the Leaders, the marginalization and mistrust of the Warriors – these were both implemented to make it safe for the Enemy to get at what it hates, and what we should Love, the most: the Folk. Let us not play along with the division and conquering of our People! Let us take up the robe, crown, and sceptre left hanging in the Tree for a thousand years, and be the Warrior Leaders that our Folk needs in order to be reminded of their True Self. Let us apply ourselves – Total Purity, Zero (((Compromise)))! – to Wisdom, Understanding, and the Will to Power, so that our People may achieve their rightful Fertility and Creativity. Let us arm ourselves with Wisdom and Power, so that our Folk might realize – Beauty.

Because Defeat Is Not An Option!

& Beauty-

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