The Most Glorious Aim

Originally posted 28 May 2017

Aryans were not artificed from dirt!

Children of the Sun…. Children of the Sun. A phrase pregnant with power, and not without its aura of mystery. Conveying the sense of descent, inheritance – ‘aboveness’, ‘beyondness’. Does it seem strange to you? If your perceptions and understandings remain confined and defined by the (((Enemy))) – how could it not? How could it not be the strangest heresy to posit a birthright of divine fire, a growing up with forebears to emulate and indeed surpass, a mission of making the most of differentiated consciousness and bearing that torch to the furthest Stars?

To the (((Enemy))) and those subject to its malicious deceptions, it is not at all strange to view humankind, like the (((Enemy))) itself, as being mere dust, base material substance unimportant outside its context as such, the molded playthings of a debased demiurge or of a merchantly materialistic conception of a merely physical universe.

Similarly unthreatening to (((Enemy))) designs on Our Earth seeking to curtail Our Destiny amongst the Stars are the varied but in the long run indistinguishable telluric spiritualities oriented solely to the Earth. Much like these societies’ total submission to the representatives of the Feminine, these slaves in spirit and flesh live their lives as a collective phenomenon of mass undifferentiated in any way that truly matters, mere material to be recycled in their endless reincarnations bound to the Earth which, like the Feminine, dominates them rather than being transformed through the virile spirituality of the Ârya into its real Potential.

True, there are lunar spiritualities which at least seek beyond the Earth for what this fertile ground needs in order to truly bear its hidden and powerful fruit – but while important, very important, as a higher manifestation of the Divine Feminine, the Moon is no replacement for the Sun. The Sun: it re-presents the individual consciousness. The regal and masculine centre, the axis around which the surrounding powers orient themselves and revolve, the Sun’s stability and presence dictating and directing the energy-in-motion of those powers in orbit. And, like our own Earth is the very first of many if we only claim our Destiny victoriously, our Sun is our first example here from this Earth in aspiring to our Quest for all the other Stars of our Aryan Destiny.

In the perfect balance and order of its reign, the Sun also embodies proportion, as well a delineation of boundaries. Harmony, and Light. Truth, and Hierarchy. Thus, in this Dark Age when the regal-solar principle has turned upon its way underground – the Black Sun. The hidden truth and regality no less true and regal for being unwelcome in a world lit by glowing illusions and electric lies. And it is precisely the light of this Black Sun which will illuminate us as we plunge fearlessly into our won Future.

Not with eyes to the dirt like the páśus (those who choose to be no better, and often much worse, than animals), or eyes on a (((saviour))) like the sheep (do all these shepherd-adorers forget the basic fact that it is the shepherd’s calling to keep the sheep safe until the time comes to serve mutton?) – Eyes to the Sun! The Stars! Our Destiny!

Unto & Beyond the Night,
In the Light of the Black Sun:
Rising Again!

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