The Plight of the Workers

Originally posted 19 November 2016

Our first RWP post

In the same way that a cup of boiling water poured over ice eventually chills and freezes, Globalism has served only to dilute the First World worker’s labours amongst the amorphous Third World.

Where the American manufacturing worker commanded a wage of $30 per hour, the Mexican or Chinese worker will work for a fraction of that. American workers see their wages fall – if they, in fact, keep their job. The Mexican or Chinese worker is paid a wage befitting the prevailing one in their country, and the business owner pockets the difference.

For the First World worker, nationalism serves to protect him against billions of Third World workers who would wish to take his job from underneath him and render him unemployed, or working at the same rates as he. It allows him to earn wages that support not only himself, but his family.

Let me say that again: The path to a Living Wage is not through the Left’s globalism and minimum wage standards, which will serve only to put more and more people out of work. The path to a Living Wage is through keeping more jobs within a nation, to create more competition for jobs to find workers, not workers to find jobs.

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