The Sacred Hearth

Originally posted 12 June 2017

The Rightful King Is Husband to the Land

Right Wing Philosophy has been present on this mostly-degenerate Kalîyugá medium of faceberg for what seems like a long time, even though we’ve just recently passed the half-year mark. A major reason for the perception of so much more mundane-time having passed is that the page, its articles, themes, and reach have certainly passed through several clear and successive phases already in our elucidation of Aryan Tradition bonded to Struggle for Aryan Destiny. Our recent announcement of both founding admins’ claiming of wives to render mothers of Aryan children will likewise set the tone for this next elucidation and example in Our Struggle. So, tonight, we are going to expound for a few minutes of your not-so-mundane Time on the Family and Home, and their rôle in the pursuit of Total Victory.

The Family is important to all Aryans regardless of caste because the Family is in microcosm what the Folk is in macrocosm. Whether a given géns is more warriorly or sagely, it will draw deeply from the shared Blood and Spirit of the Folk, for strong and vibrant Families of all Aryan castes hold high (as well as advance, to Victory!) the banner (in yet another essential way? the Standards) of all Aryan People. And what is the essential complement and counterpart to Blood, likewise permeated by the guide and bridge of Spirit? The Soil. The Land. The Home.

The Man of the House – the Pater Familiás – sees to his duties regarding all three, Blood, Spirit, and Soil. To the Blood he is Provider of all that is needful in full flowering and pure transmission of the family line. To the Soil he is Protector from every threat that would dare despoil the physical and spiritual life-heritage of his budding clan. To the Spirit permeating and elevating both Blood and Soil he is Priest, custodian of Aryan Wisdom and ultimate microcosmic indvperátor in light of deepest understanding of the Fate of a family line. Men such as these – and nothing less! – are and can be the only foundation of a fateful formation of patrés cónscrꟾptꟾ, a real Aristocracy of Blood and Spirit.

The Lady of the Hearth – Máter Familiás and distaff counterpart – likewise provides exactly complementary nurturing and nuance for the Aryan Blood, Spirit, and Soil. To the Blood she is Life and Continuity through all the ages of Purity and Perfection. To the Soil she is Fertility and the soft hands making Beauty out of Conquest. To the Spirit she is Truth, primordial and prophetic insight from the deepest and cleanest magick mirror of the Race itself.

Can you begin to marvel, now, reader, at just how enormously powerful is the Aryan Family that the (((Enemy))) and all its vilest obscenities have expended so much effort (and no few shekels) in destroying and degrading and dæmonizing? This Power, this Rejuvenating Seed of Victory, is united and given its birth from the Aryan Hearth and in the Aryan Home.

Seek this!

Rejuvenate this!


Strength Through Joy;
Joy Through Beauty;
Beauty Through Conquest-

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