The Weight of Words

Originally posted 18 May 2017

Rés, nón verba

It might be said that the Left, more openly now with their growing disconnect from reality (this happens when disconnected from and scornful of Nature), does a lot of talking in favour of using violence to get what they want. From the perspective of those skilled in and wise to the ways of violence, I would wish to say in this post: the Left does a lot of talking.

In rural Texas, where men are still brought up by their fathers in the priceless heritage of being armed men skilled with the gun, certain attitudes indicative of skilled warriors remain extant. Their descent can be detected in older martial traditions, but the greater lethality of the modern firearm has refined them and broadened their sense of ‘range’ and ‘room’ on a truly Western scale. But the ethos at its core should speak to all warrior traditions of the highest calibre.

The gun is to most any man, as the blade is to the skilled man and bare hands are to the rare man, a lethal instrument. Its presence is equivalent to a threat of death, and a threat of death can only rightly be met by attempting the death of the one trying (or, if you’re an ignorant civilian trying to split hairs, “only” claiming to try) to kill you. The weapon, gun or blade, must only be drawn when the intention to kill is present and is going to end someone’s future. To pull a weapon and then fail to end that person’s life, is to give them a death-sentence and then let them walk free: they are obligated to kill you first, and they may be a better warrior than you proved to be. Likewise to threaten violence, to threaten death, to posture even verbally using weapons as the crutch of the mere amateur and fetishist of violence, is to rightfully invite lethal retribution from a warrior understanding natural justice.

All of this reveals the unwarriorly masses of the Left as unskilled in the most developed traditions of conflict – but, importantly, this recognition of inferiority does not equate ignoring the threats, or dismissing out of hand when history shows all too tragically the weight of numbers against even the individually superior. A situation only exacerbated by the arising of the firearm.

What does this mean for Unser Kampf?

First, to train to ensure actual superiority. Don’t just indulge in the rhetoric, be a superior fighter. This will require not just initial training but practice!

Second, to ensure your superiority is brought to bear. Do not fall victim the Left’s individualism or kosher-nationalism which is intended to divide for conquering by the drones directed as a mass against our People like so many tiny uniform metal filings under the direction of the magnet. Sustain the killing-victory as even being an option, by winning the thinking-victory.

With these thoughts left to wend their way for a while, let:

Each thought lead you on to another thought,
Each deed to another deed!

Hail Victory,

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