To Have Your Own Destiny, You Must Have Your Own Soul

Originally posted 15 January 2017

Part I of III

We can’t help pointing out that the pattern on the windowpane behind Dr. Jung is rather evocative of the śrîvatsa

In its war of intellectual out-shouting and emotional conditioning against what is apparently the Left’s greatest perceived threat, white people (sometimes under the euphemism of ‘Western civilization’), the propagandistic efforts of this subversion can be consistently observed to push all the blame onto these mostly accepting (they are indoctrinated thus from childhood, after all) scapegoats. If you listen to the leftist-controlled media, educational institutions, governments, and social signalling, you can’t help but receive the message loud and clear: whatever can at any point no longer be bread-and-circussed out of sight and out of mind is always, always White People’s Fault™.

Here at RWP, we cannot help but agree.

Not in order to wallow in the slander and negativity the Left seeks to dump upon an entire skin-colour to ensure self-devaluing servitude, no – out of aspiration to personal and group Responsibility. A person, or a people, who avoids responsibility can never be in command of their own Destiny. Of course, unlike the Left whose rhetoric of “the white man’s burden” seeks to vampyrize us through imaginary responsibility for other peoples, we of the Right hold our sacred Responsibility to be to: Ourselves! Our Ancestors! Our Children! This HAS to come first!

So speaking of Ancestors and of Responsibility – what went wrong? How did we get here? Which way out? The point of diversion is very clear.

At a point important enough to the unfolding of the modern morass to be used for designating the calendar year (except for those of us looking to our glorious past for whom the year is 2770, or looking to our hopeful future from the year 127), something happened to us that we all know about, but that has proven very adept at eluding our realization of its (typically Middle Eastern!) hijacking of our soul, and of our Destiny.

Think about the implications of adopting a foreign soul-expression. Does the foreigner understand us? Does the foreigner love us? Want us to be strong, and thus capable of being free?

Is this invasive species’ Middle Eastern soul-virus of alien spirituality and slave morality our true Self? Our true Destiny? What does the foreigner know of our people’s spiritually-expressed psyche?

If you talk to a white person of good breeding and sound instinct, they don’t have to consciously know anything about our true spirit. You can explain to them about our varied tribes’ shared symbol of the thunder god – strong and virile, champion of folk and farming, subduer of the snake or dragon of chaos and outsiders – and you can see the lights turn on: it’s in their blood, and they’ve been missing it for a long time. The aspect of the Indo-European psyche embodied in the symbol of the thunder god may be called changing names in far-flung kindred tribes – Tarhunza, Torann, Índra, Perun, Þórr – but the essence behind the masque is significant for us. And ‘the West’ (a synonym for Europe and America ideologically manipulated by a foreign puppeteer) severely feels its lack. Does the foreigner understand our expression of the thunder god, other than in terms of fear and hate? Look at what they peddle to us instead, and no wonder an adulterated spirituality makes them feel safer in their perpetrations.

Likewise you can explain to a healthy white person the traditional symbol of the wise and wandering philosopher-mystic polymath and they will readily grasp its instinctive resonance with who they are capable of being, free of foreign illusions and adulterations – whether taking the emphasis of Váruṇa, Óðinn, Lug, or any other, It Is A Part Of Our People’s Soul-Understanding. The foreigner doesn’t know this, not beyond the desire to make certain this archetype never surfaces amongst us again. And, stopping myself short of elaborating here on each and every important spiritual symbol of our people in fully encyclopædic horror, what would they rather replace it with?

They don’t mind our having religion: of weakness.

They don’t mind our having philosophy: of impracticality.

Nor morality, if it opens us to insatiable parasitism.

Nor even of science, as long as it is censored in the interests of political dogma and of course corrosively, toxically materialistic.

‘But, but Right Wing Philosophy! This one makes up the foundation of our civilization! That one makes us great! This one over here—‘

Look. Do you know what makes us great? WE DO. Everything done in the name of all these and more (at the foreigner’s behest) WAS DONE BY US. We were the perfect host, we were stronger (back then – let’s HOPE still, today) than the foreigner but possessed the weakness of misplaced good faith (want to stop reading if your eyes are bleeding here and know how white people consistently fuck themselves in just one sentence? “Everyone Else Thinks And Feels Like Us”) that made for the perfect parasite’s perfect host. You’re goddamned right we conquered the globe, on more than just the physical level, once we were indoctrinated with an ever-gluttonous monotheistic worldview (whether the μονόθεός of a Middle Eastern tumour-god, or of Democracy, or of the Proletariat, or whatever Replacement Of Our Ancestral Soul). And WE SPREAD THE FOREIGNER AND ITS INFLUENCE EVERYWHERE WE WENT, as a good host should.

And the foreign poison has not been good for us, readers. What people zealously embracing the spirit of the foreigner over their own cannot be observed to have burnt out, suffering and weak as the third-world jackals and hyenas circle around?

‘The West’ isn’t in its present state through abandoning prior incarnations of the foreigner’s spirit. Its abandonment of its own spirit has just now begun catching up and reaching its logical and just conclusion.

Once again, our idiotic trust in the foreigner’s words sees us duped into a false choice between two foreigner-approved ‘only possible choices’, between a foreign spirituality and a spirit-less materialism.

Why don’t we tell the foreigner to take the whole merchant-peddled scam-dichotomy back with them to their Middle Eastern garden-turned-desert sand-and-shithole, and look to OUR OWN Spirit?

That’s all for tonight, patient and hopefully unsettled readers, but in closing – this is not a mere ‘sentimental gesture’ or ‘childish’ reaching to our Ancestors. It’s a Duty – to our Children.

We Have A Duty To Be Who We Are,

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