To Pursue the Utmost

Posted 12 May 2017

Superiority over those beneath you should be effortless; the Challenge lies in superiority over what has passed thus far for your best

Last night we mentioned not just the Folk, but what we’ve called the ‘Aristocracy’. What do we mean by this? What constitutes Right Wing Philosophy’s understanding of ‘rule by the best’? Are we advocating the restoration of the old dynasties as the Aryan panacæa?

Sure, anyone who bothers to look up the Ancient Greek roots of the English borrowing can conclude with an air of deceptive satisfaction: ‘Of course! Ϝαριστοκρατία, the Power of the Best! So that’s that, then!’ But how elusive is this concept of what is Best, in all the time, forgetfulness, and no small amount of Jew-worship between now and the time of the early Right Wing Philosophers. How, indeed, to seek ‘the Best’ in an era which shakes its head dumbly or even with hostility at the idea of Ϝαγαθόν, ‘the Good’?

That the word ‘aristocracy’ conveys even now the sense of an ‘élite’ is plain to all, but equally plain upon reflection is that the ϝέθος ordering a given epoch’s élite has changed drastically between the Civilization of before the Collapse and the ruins of before (we intend and Will!) the Aryan Renaissance.

Absolutely not our Ϝαριστοκρατία, our ϝέθος, is the counterfeit aristocracy and ethos of money. Neither, the counterfeit aristocracy of politically dogmatic intelligentsia, nor yet the counterfeit ethos of monotheism or its secularization, Marxism, with their own counterfeit aristocracies virtue-signalling into their desired Abyss of extinction for everything genuinely aristocratic: excellent, noble, Aryan.

These counterfeit aristocracies have been yoked upon our Folk by our Enemy the slimy cultural chameleon and counterfeiter par excellence, because they replace our Folk’s rightful Leadership with those infectious foreign values rendering them most amenable to the Enemy’s foul machinations. The phrase descended from the old Ϝαριστοκρατία may be stolen and subverted to lend prestige to the poisonous values foisted upon the leaderless Folk, but a sense of ϝαρετή is the last thing intended by the Enemy for anyone of influence over our parasitized People. A ϝέθος peddled in ill intent, not of καλϝός but of κακός.

But our Folk does need Leadership. Not kosher, counterfeit leadership – of shekels and other shibboleths – but Leadership oriented to Our Ideals. The Aryan Ϝέθος. Our Folk needs its Warrior-Nobility, those Guardians forming the Aristocracy of Blood and Honour. Our Folk needs its Philosopher-Kings, those Sages forming the Aristocracy of Spirit and Wisdom. These are what the Enemy fears, which fear is made plain with every subversive attempt at that ‘class warfare’ which is the exact counterpart of the Enemy’s indoctrination of ‘gender rivalry’: a ploy to poison and weaken our Folk – body, soul, and spirit.

As to the rumours and rhetoric of restoring the old dynasties – why? Did they not lapse in their sacred responsibilities, to a man? Which of them did not abandon the Aryan Spirit to worship the Jew Christ, or who knows what else? Which did not compromise the Aryan Soul by tolerating the spread of subversion, the better to use the merchant’s peddled wares in competition with one another over a Europe and then a world already viewed as spoils after the demise of the Imperial Ideal? Which did not undermine even the Aryan Body through negotiating away not only privileges but marriages with the Parasite in exchange for mere selfish luxuries, betraying their own People? Have we not seen throughout History the Enemy’s penchant for corruption and conversion from the top down, and conversely the rural population’s stubborn (genuine) conservatism in the face of the decadent cities’ decay (the origin of the phrase ‘heathen’, in fact, and the Jew-worshippers’ derogatory ‘pagánvs’)? Have ANY of these scions of betrayal learned the real Lesson here? Or do they fall into camps of either effœte timidity in the face of conflict and responsibility, or else shameless advocacy of the same Enemy ploys responsible for our Civilization’s ruin? No, it is not this “aristocracy” that we mean.

We mean a Ϝαριστοκρατία worthy of itself – worthy of the People that it rightfully exists to uphold and uplift. With our glorious past so tattered and frayed between our fingers, we must begin our Future From Here, taking care to preserve and continue what is really vital, the ‘Pure Flame of the Animating Ideal’. If your Destiny is with the Sages, pursue unflaggingly that Connexion with Truth which it is your Duty to pass on to the People in guidance to the Ideal. If your Destiny is with the Warriors, dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to the Duty of training and of impeccability in defence of and as example to the People, that our foes do not snuff out the Flame. If your Destiny is with the Folk, devote yourself in Duty to its preservation through growing, building, child-rearing – in celebration and love of Who We Are. Surely, each of these Duties partakes of the others, and in times like these a certain degree of each is Needed in every Aryan who would measure up – both the test and the beauty of the Kalîyugá. But also, you will Know Your Duty when you Know Your Self.

The Future Must Start With You!

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