To the White People Who Just Don’t ‘Get It’:

Originally posted 5 January 2017

Unabashedly slandered and vilified as he is, still NO ONE can accuse Hitler of believing in appeasing orcs

Isn’t it crazy, when you drop for a moment all the entrained consensual-reality that makes up our everyday hobbling of perception, to think about the sheer ludicrousness of some of the patently untrue dicta we are ‘highly encouraged’ to accept, propagate, and live by? I mean, taking away the purely emotional manipulation and the veiled threats of social and professional discrimination for not adhering to the prevailing orthodoxy – how clearly and blatantly untrue some of these media-propagated dogmas are! For instance:

  • There is nothing significant or important about race, heredity, gender, tradition, culture, etc., etc. (this in spite of measurable data from intellectual aptitude to propensity for violent crime to blood transfusions, organ transplants, and clear genetic markers)


  • However, the white races are uniquely persónae nón grátae from any official source of public morality, seeing as how they are innately (and uniquely!) predisposed to oppression, “priviledg”, and all-round evil. (this in spite of countries with historic white majorities proving the most [self-destructively to whites, as it turns out] tolerant and open-minded towards different peoples, and the only idealistic rubes buying into the liberal utopia scheme)


  • ‘Racism’ is bad, since there is nothing at all significant in race – but all the characteristics of this thusly-defined ‘racism’ are not only acceptable but laudable when directed against whites, who are ‘by definition racist’ (by virtue of their race?) and deserving of all the villainy that can possibly be encouraged within the other races (this in spite of the official dogma of white people as ‘oppressors’ and recently escalating acts of violent racially-motivated terrorism against whites being spun as the righteous voice of victimhood striking a blow against the cruelty of this ridiculous psychological projection)


  • Automatically ‘racist’, and therefore evil, is any motion of white people in the direction of their own self-interest – even and particularly sheer self-preservation in the face of the above recent terrorism (pardon me: righteous voice of victimhood). Vilified as the most heinous evil, worthy of every execration and crime, is any banding together against this Co-ordinated Media Propagation of anti-white narrative – even in the interests of purely passive defence (which is self-defeating in itself, as our long and significant history incidentally shows). By that value-assignation, this post’s accompanying image has to be one of the most ‘evil’ imaginable – there is something violently objectionable to the originators of the infected West’s media, as well as to those under its perception-hobbling influence, about a group of white people rejecting the paralyzing lethal injection of liberalism to unapologetically stand up for themselves. To say, ENOUGH! We Have A Right To Exist. You Have Been Suffered to Push Thus Far But No Farther – Else It Be At Your Peril!

If you do not think that the white peoples as a human type deserve to disappear beneath the rising tide of beneath-human behaviours and living-habits, there is something very, very important to understand: gullible white liberals are the only ones who CARE about getting along, or holding hands, or “equality”, or any of the Middle Eastern-spawned propaganda of body-degrading, spirit-corrupting, and soul-poisoning. No one else buys it – it is only used to encourage gullible white liberals to stand out of the way of the end game.

If you want to exist, you had better recognize the Struggle for existence – because every other race, low IQ average or not (not talking to you, East Asians!), at least has the goddamned visceral animal sense to stare those facts in the face. Don’t put your ultimate faith in votes, or words, or faith, or anything short of Fire and Steel – to secure a future and an existence, these are the only things with which you can earn room to live in a world that – pay attention to what is going on – sees you as something worth hating.

We Have a Right to Exist-

If We Will FIGHT to Exist!

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