Votes Versvs Machetes

Originally posted 7 May 2017

Mass demographics, as with every form of attrition, can only become a grinding game of numbers when quantity is allowed to smother quality

Well, here we are. The election in France is over, and the kosher “nationalist” was defeated soundly by the kosher globalist. And how the (((Alt Right))) crows! How they gnash their teeth at the prospect of a stolen election, about torn ballots, denied funding and threats of terror, lamenting the continuation of the European Union for one more election cycle, and forgetting one very basic thing:

It was always going to end in violence.

Most of Western Europe, stuffed fat on croissants and yogurt, and made soft by the fact that the worst struggle they’ve ever had to endure was a passé year in the Luis Vuitton collection, now face a threat made existential by this learned passivity. Where a strong or at least healthy nation would recognize the invader for what it is and resist or deny entry to begin with, Western Europe, and in this case France, can’t even summon the courage to resist when their centuries old cities are laid to waste.

No vote of the majority can fix that.

No ballot cast can restore virility and aggression. Restore the creative spark, and the need to struggle and reach for the stars. The migrant crisis, or rather, an invasion of savages perpetrated by our (((Greatest Enemy))), is merely an external manifestation of a need for struggle. This crucible will heat up brighter and hotter yet still, and it will pull all of the slag out, creating tempered steel.

Yet…. By the time Europe has been finally picked clean of leftists, feminists, socialists, faux right children pretending to be revolutionaries, and other weaklings too afraid to throw a punch to protect their future, will there be a Europe to defend? Will it be too late? Every day that passes, the invasion strengthens. They produce more children, while Europeans age and shrink. By the time the Inner Cancer is purged, how strong will the Enemy be?

This is where it was always headed. Le Pen, Macron, it never mattered. Do Europeans have what it takes anymore to plant an ax into an invader’s skull? Once purged of the Shiraz swishing socialites, will what remains be able to burn away not only the Enemy Invader, but the (((Greatest Enemy))) behind it all?

A Macron victory heats the crucible up quicker, forcing Europe’s hand faster. It keeps the fight here, five years from now, ten years from now, and not twenty years, thirty years, or forty years into the future. It removes the Enemy Invader’s tactic of attrition. A Macron victory will force the hard, incorruptible core to commit to Right Wing Death Squads that much faster.

This is where it was always heading. Not to votes, never to votes, but to violence.

And in the immortal words of one who told you how it was done, who told you just how “extreme” you were going to have to be to save everything you love,

“Violence can only be defeated by greater violence. Terror, by greater terror.”

You needed a struggle, Europe, you have it. The barbarians are inside the gates, they’re killing your children, raping your women. Its high time to show the world what the Aryan is capable of.

This time though, with far more Lightning,

  • Der Wille zur Mach

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