‘Wanting’ & Willing

Originally posted 7 June 2017


“We are all equal.”

“Ok, maybe not, but we just want to be made equal.”

“Ok, maybe not, but if surrendered to we will be benevolent masters.”

Are these lies familiar to you? They should be. Every day, these lies are presented to gullible Europeans by the subhuman invaders who will show NO mercy to their moronic benefactors should they ever receive a (((tolerance))) too many. Every day, these lies are insinuated amongst self-destructive Americans by the corrosive (((Enemy))) that through their hijacked country sabotages the wider world in turn, and will finally make the entire world a paradise for the (((Parasite))) should it ever successfully peddle a (((compromise))) too far. And when it comes to Enemy Lies such as these and at least six million more, this ignoble word, (((compromise))), is far from unfitting.

When we (((compromise))), we are losing ground rather than gaining it in the great Struggle of Destiny. When we (((compromise))), we are taking from our own Power with which to win the world of our dreams, and giving it to the Enemy with which to pervert our world into its most debased demiurgic nightmares. Indeed, those who have it in them to (((compromise))) are not a part of any Aryan “we” in the first place – though, do not think for a minute that their perpetrations of (((compromise))) on our behalf do not damage not only our past and present: but our Future. That has yet to be Won – if we are strong, and wise, and therefore without (((compromise)))!

Do you know, readers, the manner in which our racial and spiritual Enemy and enemies believe in (((compromise)))? They believe in it – temporarily. Only the docile and domesticated, (((Christ)))ianized and worse, potential Aryans of the labyrinth of the last two thousand years could possibly be so self-destructively naïve as to project their selflessness and reverence for sacrifice onto the Other, and even the (((Enemy))), rather than the Folk and the Self. Will the Other return the suicidal favour? What about the Enemy? Or will the fiendish Anârya laugh at our catastrophic trust as the world is plunged into the darkest age yet in the unfolding Middle Eastern Plague?

Kalîyugá can be overcome, readers – but not by (((compromise))), or by (((slumber))). Rather, by Principle and by Awakening! And according to the Principle of Ṛtá and with an Aryan Renaissance, we can indeed return the Golden Age borne torchlike to the farthest Stars of our Aryan Destiny.

We must Love our Selves and all our Folk,
And Hate our (((Enemy))) and all its pawns.

We must Understand the hard-and-fast Either/Or,
The To-Be or Not-To-Be.

We must Struggle and Fight, and never slacken, never tire, never lose courage, and never lose faith.

We must accept none of the (((Enemy’s))) “truths”. None of its “deals”. None of its “peace”.

We must earn Total Victory – by virtue of the only weapon which can win it.

Do You Will Total War?

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