What Sleeps Within

Originally posted 22 June 2017

Die Wilde Jagd, 1889, Franz von Stuck

Anyone who has been around the Far Right movement long enough eventually becomes aware of differences in race. Bone density. Number of vertebrae. Height. Pelvic formations. Musculature. Aerobic and anaerobic capacity. Maturation times. Gestation periods. IQ. Even the standard deviations of the above characteristics are different. All of this can be found out through a little judicious internet searching.

Yet, one might be tempted to ask….

“Are spiritual destinies as different as science shows us we are physically?”

We find present in the soul of an Aryan, a single minded pursuit of a solitary goal. Of all races, only the Aryan is capable of capturing his own vision and pursuing it beyond all doubts and obstacles, to its solid manifestation. Deaf musicians. Crippled scientists. Amputees running marathons. Conquering the sea to explore. Conquering gravity to fly. Subjugating even diseases. It is We and We alone who have seen in our Mind’s Brilliant Eye a vision of the future, and forced it to manifest physically.

One might even call it a kind of magic.

And while we discuss the esoteric, what then of the Gods of the Earth? What do we see of them? Do we see Bob, the God of Being Average in All Things? Perhaps Lisa, Goddess of Mediocrity? Or do we see Gods dedicated to one, single, solitary devotion? Ares, God of War. Loki, God of the Trickster. Lugh, God of the Sun (a multifaceted and esoteric portfolio, make no mistake!). Further to the East, we find Shiva and Shakti, the Principles of Consciousness and Energy, respectively.

It is here we begin to unfurl the Great Mystery of the Gift our Blood gives us.

Study this painting, the picture associated with this post. It is called Die Wilde Jagd, painted by Franz von Stuck. Whose visage do you see staring back at you? Would it shock you to know that it was painted, not in 1953, by an associate of Savitri Devi, but in 1889, the year Adolf Hitler was born? Would it shock you to know further, that the man pictured leading this Wild Hunt, was none other than Wotan, the All-Father?

Here is what we give to you, to consider. Think on this in private moments, when you find yourself reflecting on your life’s purpose. The physical body is but a form. A cage, if you will, housing consciousness. A God, then, being consciousness present within a force, if you will, lacks form, but doesn’t need it, as its entire consciousness is dedicated to one principle, like magnetized iron. Like a current of water through an ocean, eternally moving, eternally carrying any who dare ride it towards one destiny.

Is it so far a leap, so crazy a notion to conceive, that the two might overlap? That the Force might find a Form capable of sustaining it, perhaps for brief moments or extended periods, to accomplish some task? To find one man capable of directing his entire Will, towards channeling and directing an entire People towards its Destiny?

Is it even too crazy to imagine, an Aryan who has managed to direct and focus his entire Will towards one goal, to the point of transcending his form, to become a Force unto himself?

We leave you to ponder such questions in your quietest moments, Reader. We leave you to contemplate the single minded focus it would take, to allow for one’s spirit to rise from the grave, and show the world….

That He was Right.

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