White Sharia, Or Natural Law For Subhumans

Originally posted 17 May 2017

You can do better than this

My first night in Sarajevo was last night. The first thing to strike me was the mountains. Looking through the window of my airplane, I mistook them for storm clouds, as they had completely covered the sky visible in the window. Stepping off the plane, and seeing what they were in fact, the energy of the country began to hit me.

“The Land of Blood and Honey.”

This place is alive. There is a certain primal nature to its energy, like this place is capable of strangling overgrowth, or bountiful harvests. That despite the lush surroundings and energy, this place is intimate with violence and conflict. In truth, it will take at least two or three days to understand it better. Make no mistake, the currents of this land are distinctly Aryan. No matter what might temporarily reside here, now or in the future, it is the Black Sun beating down on this land that makes it so fertile, and will do so until this planet has been vaporized.

Imagine my dismay then, when at 10pm local time, I hear the bleating of Muslims, calling for the last round of prayer to a god fit for a barren wasteland, NOT a bountiful land made so by primal Aryan currents. Imagine my disgust at seeing European “men” wearing the clothes of a desert animal, their European features punctuated by a Semitic beard.

It is now that I am reminded of a phrase made popular in (((Alt Right))) circles recently, that requires being addressed.

White Sharia.

The argument for White Sharia goes something like this. Liberalism is degenerate and dissolving. Sharia Law (that is, the Law of Islam) is stronger and in line with Natural Law, and thus is stronger than it. Europeans must adopt Sharia to be rid of Liberalism and defeat our (((Greatest Enemy))).

Objectively speaking, the premise is true. Sharia Law is indeed stronger than Liberalism, and Sharia Law is indeed in line with Natural Law. Its strength can be proven in that it dominates Liberalism handily. Even fools recognize what Power looks like, and the Liberal even bows its head to Sharia. The Liberal has no kids, either by deliberate planning or infanticide, while Sharia sees a family with five, six, or seven children, and they are willing to enforce it.

And yet, despite being True, Natural Law allows for infinite variations under its aegis that are also true. To describe Liberalism as inferior to Sharia is true according to this model, and yet this statement is true, not because Sharia is great, but because Liberalism is such a disease. Dismissing Liberalism, let us observe what Sharia offers, compared to other systems of Natural Law.

Sharia seeks control over women through pain of death. It punishes women, the bearers of Sacred Fertility, by stick, by stone and by chemicals. It leaves them fearful of expression. It renders Woman to chattel at best.

This is to be compared to National Socialism, which uses, not threats of violence and murder to guide women, but dutiful instruction and understanding of their role as counterpart and companion to Man. Women are not property, chattel or slaves, but companions, lovers, mothers and nurses.

It is here we begin to see Sharia as a form of Natural Law for the Subhuman. Lacking a capacity to trust and show kindness towards their companion (and kindness is the ultimate expression of strength!), adherents to Sharia seek instead domination through cruelty, the violence of cowards.

The manner in which the one versus the other treats children also speaks volumes. Sharia, being Natural Law for Subhumans, views violence and cruel acts against children to be acceptable. Having less power than a man rightfully declares any act committed against them as acceptable! From child marriages to chai boys, even children are objects of base and perverse pleasure and subject to cruelty under Sharia Law.

Under National Socialism, children are not used and abused, but invested into as the torch bearers of the future. Their bodies are hardened, and their minds sharpened. They are instructed in their duties so they may be performed well. Children are made strong and incorruptible, so they may in turn make strong and incorruptible Aryan children.

Once again, the stark contrast is apparent. The former abuses and commits acts of cruelty for sick pleasure, while the other cradles and nurtures to produce strength and discipline in the future. It is here we understand Sharia as for the Subhuman, and National Socialism for the Übermensch.

And here we understand perfectly what those who advocate White Sharia truly are. Cowards. Cruel, debased, fearful, selfish, subhuman cowards. They are not Aryan Übermenschen seeking Aryan spirituality, Aryan vision, and Aryan dominance, but disgusting, cruel subhumans advocating animal abuse, child abuse, and abuse of women for their own perverse ends.

Treat these Untermenschen accordingly.

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