Why Ethnic Nationalism?

Originally posted to Right Wing Philosophy I, on March 16, 2017

There was a study done years ago about which social system produces the strongest society. Four systems were selected: Selfish; Treacherous; Humanitarian; and Tribalism, or Ethnocentrism. The scientists, who for some reason or another couldn’t instinctively deduce the conclusion, input all of their data into a rather expensive computer simulation, and pressed “Run.” The results weren’t shocking, or shouldn’t be, to anyone who understands Natural Law. The Treacherous model, whereby each member of the society is attempting to back stab the other, failed almost immediately. The Selfish model, with its refusal to share and pool resources together, failed almost as fast. 
Now, here’s where things get interesting. The way said scientists defined Humanitarianism vs Tribalism is by how it treated in group vs out group preferences. In a Humanitarian societal structure, equal preference was given to in group or out group individuals when sharing resources, whereas in Tribalism, in group individuals were given preference to out group individuals when sharing resources. The two competed back and forth as the strongest societal model, until one finally emerged victorious. Any guesses on which one?

The societal model which used Tribalism was able to dominate the Humanitarian societal model quite easily after much competition every single time, by taking advantage of the Humanitarian’s sharing of resources, where the Tribal societal model refused to share in return: effectively stealing power from the Humanitarians until strong enough to overcome them.
When we approach Natural Law with decisions, Natural Law will then reward or punish us accordingly. In this particular case, we are punished or rewarded by the strength of our society. Natural Law, then, dictates that the strongest form of society is one where we favor our own tribe over those not of our tribe. Since we aren’t interested in committing suicide, we should then elect to be Ethnocentric, and not Humanitarian.
The obvious question to answer then, is what constitutes a tribe? At its smallest unit, a tribe is represented in the nuclear family. Bound together first by biology and again by values and mores, the nuclear unit provides safe haven and comfort, as well as bonds of trust, mutual defense, and kinship for its members. As more and more nuclear families come together and form these same types of bonds, an actual tribe is then formed. Once again, relying on shared biology first, and then values and mores second, members of a tribe will favor their own nuclear family first, their tribe second, and outsiders be damned. This continues on ad infinitum until it embraces the entire Volk in macrocosm, what the nuclear family embraces in microcosm.
“B-but, Muh Libertarian Principles! Muh Individuality!”
Ultimately, because Libertarian ideology places the value of the individual above the value of the people as a whole, it not only weakens the group against a concerted and cooperative outside effort to topple them, it strips the life of the individual of meaning beyond its lifespan as well. Where an individual who works in concert with a group has meaning to something greater than himself and will survive through that group, an individual by himself loses all meaning upon his death. When you place all meaning in something that will die, don’t be surprised when all your meaning dies with it.
Why not Civic Nationalism?
Ethnic Heterogeneity and Ethnic Conflict: Good fences make good neighbors.

Currently, the bleeding edge of the Overton Window just barely encompasses the idea of Civic Nationalism, not that of Ethnic Nationalism. Within the nuclear family, members are willing to give their lives for one another because their genetic material still lives on in their family. As a way of achieving a certain level of immortality, we even pay homage to this in obituaries, when we say, “This person is survived by….” As the tribe becomes larger and larger, this tendency is carried forward within Ethnic Nationalism. Civic Nationalism does away with this, replacing the nuclear family with that of a lofty idea: namely, that of the nation itself, and shifts from Ethnocentrism into Humanitarianism, but only for the dominant group. I trust you can already see the top-down inversion of Natural Law here. As will soon be pointed out, multicultural and multiracial societies have a long, bloody history of violence and conflict, spurred by distrust.

Iraq, without a “brutal dictator” to “terrorize the people.”

Iraq. Until 2003, it was a nation held together by a violent dictator who tolerated dissent the same way this page handles Merchant shilling. Despite being relatively racially homogeneous, the cultural heterogeneity turned the nation to bloody civil war within months. Minority groups who felt they were not deciding their own destiny boycotted the governmental process, and turned instead to the Kalashnikov for power and self determination. Indeed, several times during “talks,” it was mentioned by these parties how it would be simpler if the geographically separated peoples were to simply go their own ways and form their own unique countries with their own governments, effectively forming their own ethnic states (the idea was of course flatly rejected). To this day, the Iraqis have a government that can barely manage basic functions, and who lose control of their country more and more by the day. Eventually, only the most brutal of the factions will win, and it will install another Saddam Hussein to keep order.

Cultural enrichment for South African white farmers.

South Africa. Sporting eleven official languages and a majority black population of 79%, South Africa represents the final conclusion of any multiracial “democracy.” The original colonizing population of Europeans is shrinking every year. The white farmers are driven off their land and forced into destitution. 40% of women can expect to be raped in their lifetime. Racial violence is a continual reality. In time, the white minority population will be swallowed up and destroyed, and their civilization will be swallowed up with them. The native populations, after killing all the farmers, will find themselves starving to death like their cousins elsewhere in Africa. Demographics truly is Destiny.

A moment of honesty
The United States of America. Pre-1965, the U.S. generally only accepted immigrants from European nations. Even this proved a difficult task. Despite having a racial homogeneity, cultural differences caused friction for generations, instilling hatred and animosity for the “other” until the immigrants finally assimilated. Post-1965, (((political influences))) pushed the Hart-Celler Act and changed the racial quotas controlling immigration. The United States now accepts hordes of Third World immigration, and is shocked to find the majority of them unable to assimilate, sucking up welfare, clogging up health care systems and engaging in criminal activity. These groups are unable to meaningfully engage in the culture, participate in the economy, and otherwise decide their own racial destiny, as it conflicts completely with that of the parent race and culture. Their solution, then, is to out breed the parent race and instigate violence, pushing towards the final conclusion currently being achieved in South Africa.
As seen here, the bonds of nationality are simply not enough to bind disparate peoples together. One group will feel isolated and marginalized, slights will be taken, and even compromises will be seen as giving up my resources for the other. Such bonds cannot be forced artificially. They must form organically, as a result of mutually shared survival interest. Civic Nationalism then, will only result in forcing the in power group to behave, not as tribalists but as humanitarians; a strategy that will inevitably put the two sides into violent, bloody conflict, as the one will inevitably attempt to overtake the other.
Natural Law then, dictates that it is the most cohesive of groups that will inevitably win. The trappings of civilization, modern technology, all amount for nothing if we then stand as lone fighters to be picked off by bands of jackals one by one, or share our resources with “people” intent on replacing and killing us. It is only by following in line with Natural Law, by using the strongest national group, the ethnic state, that we can survive. If multiculturalism brings Death to us, the Ethnostate brings Life. Should we deny ourselves anything less than this? Fight accordingly.
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