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Originally posted 26 June 2017

P r i o r i t i e s

(((Compromise))). In theory, as a concept, anyone with their heart in this Struggle and an instinct for Truth can tell you that it’s to be avoided – more than that, to be shunned, shamed, rejected, reviled. It cedes vital ground from our People to our Enemy, from our potential Destiny to our potential Doom.

More than that, it fractures the integrity of our very souls – in an Age of Dissolution in which every corrosive tendency of Demiurge, Parasite, and Corrosion muster all their loathsome force against the Aryan Soul, the truth about our existential opposition to the (((Enemy)) remains what it always has been: the Enemy cannot defeat us, but it can certainly corrupt us into bringing about our own defeat.

By settling for lies, which erodes our sense for Truth. By applying a sense of decorum or fair play or law to creatures that hide from us behind these and then laugh up their sleeves when the time comes to strike. By insulting the concept of Purity with imposters’ talk of “purity spiralling”, to the point of parading shamelessly “dangerous faggots”, “based trannies”, – “good Jews”?!

In encountering these snickering kekmongers in between their release from middle school and their trip to the nearest gay bathhouse, one might be overcome with the impulse to shake such a blatant phony violently whilst demanding – ‘in what POSSIBLE ‘timeline’ does this constitute “the Right”?’

And indeed, whenever these great pretenders do persist in pretending to belong to the Right, they reveal a fundamentally flawed and even (((corrupted))) idea of what the Right really is. They reveal the secular equivalent of the (((monotheist))) “right”: the (((capitalist))) “right”.

Appearing as “opposites” to all inside the media-woven ideological labyrinth situated far to the Left, the grasping shekelclaw of both ideologies’ (((source))) remains clear and odious from the perspective of the genuine Right. And how strangely cohenvenient indeed it is that, whichever illusion and compromise a surface-settling goy may be duped into, they both lead away from the Aryan Destiny that the Enemy exists in order to corrupt and destroy – either enslavement of the Aryan Spirit within the superstitious horizons of the Enemy, or degeneration of the Aryan Soul to the merely material plane where the Enemy’s existential vulgarity is at its strongest.

And how insidiously have both of these ploys been turned against our Folk, corrupting even the idea of ‘the common people’ from farmers, craftsmen, creators – into the bourgeoisie. Indeed, it is with this corruption of ‘the middle class’ that the false right proudly identifies itself – and through which the astute Aryan can see through the imposters and their compromises. Whilst pointing deceptively at the (((Marx)))ists and their opposition to the bourgeoisie in favour of the proletariat, the hypocritical tryhards of the false right fling their arms around the (((Christ)))ians, deciding they have found a source for trust in the competition between superficially different (((Enemy))) gambits. And thus both deviancies veer from the Aryan Destiny exactly as they are intended to, away from the real opposition that is a return to principles of aristocracy – the primacy of what is best. To despise not the Folk, as the (((Marx)))ist myth and the (((Christ)))ian masochism would have it, but the (((Enemy)))’s counterfeit of the Folk: the bourgeoisie. Despised not from below, as the Left does, but in the manner that the Right despises: from Above.

Yes, Above. From Truth. Right. Ordre. Every high and lofty Ideal which the True Right enshrines in the calling of Leadership, which alone will inspire we uncompromising few to take the reins of power and forcibly re-Ordre this Our Earth into the proper orientation with Our Destiny. Not as a bourgeoisie, learning all the moral corrosions of the merchant’s disgusting ways. Certainly not as a proletariat, shackled slavishly to (((Jesus))) or (((Capital))) or whatever Anârya ‘god’. But as EIN VOLK, beautiful and powerful and wise through the bonds of Blood, Soil, and Spirit.

Do not (((compromise))).

Do not (((tolerate))) (((compromise))).

The false right can be known by being Conservative™ towards the corrosive liberalism of the (((compromised))) West’s last two thousand years.

Insist, instead, on-

& Beauty-

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