Recommended Links

Just as we enjoy fulfilling Our Mission to provide You with the finest original content we can, so we are thrilled when we are able to endorse other resources of impeccable quality for Inspiration in the Struggle. Here are a few of our favourites so far:

The Holocaust That Happened
This page has probably been deleted from faceberg more than we have, and there’s good reason: priceless photos, amazing quotations, and often from sources the RWP writers haven’t read or heard of! This is rare, and extremely valuable – take advantage of this excellent immersion into pursuit of the highest ideals.

Art of the True Right
This brilliant gallery showcases some of the finest meditations on Wisdom, Power, and Beauty with which to elevate and invigourate the Aryan Soul. Please avail yourself of the kind of positive surroundings accessible through this page, and strengthen yourself in all the reasons for our sacred Struggle!

Bharatiya Goyim Party
So far this page only has its presence on zuckerbook, but it’s well worth making a sock account to read. The admin is a Vedic Bráhmaṇá and a Sanskrit scholar with both inherited and learned authority in Aryan Spirituality. On the political side of things most of the posts will have more bearing on the situation within India specifically, although an astute reader will notice remarkable similarities in the Enemy’s tactics against Aryans of East and West both.