11/11/18 – One Hundred Years In Retrospect

Fortunate is the foe which corrupts its target into preferring to aid the foe!

Night has fallen where I type this missive, and the day has seen its long train of strange pageantry pass bizarrely before my open eyes. No, I don’t mean restaurants full to the bursting with “veteran”-of-no-war snowflakes squeaking “me too!” and hoping to be thanked for their “service” while porking it up on free food. I mean the even more strange, even more tragic spectacle that speaks of this modernist holiday’s origin, and why this date of 11/11 was chosen.

You can still see them, here and there, the faded and poppy-blotched goodgoy celebrants of the War To End All Resistance, marching blindly down streets increasingly unsafe in the wake of their fathers’ own ‘victories’.

Even more, you can see signs and chants wielded in other streets by the dysgenic rabble cultivated in the world those goodgoyim blood-sacrificed for, fulfilling their designed role and testing for the final weakness that will see them tear apart and devour their deluded benefactors.

But this shows the real crvx of the issue – an evil this insidiously corrosive, this creepingly malignant, has never been the kind that could be foisted upon a conquered enemy with brute force. As comically, pointlessly evil as the Jew of Hollywood has portrayed its version of the favourite scapegoat (see the Third Precept), Germany, in imagined fables of nigh-Abrahamic bloodthirstiness in genocidal conquest, this sort of repression has always historically bred a resistance of its own.

No, the real and ghastly crime against a real and embattled humanity was and is a crime of complicity.

Did our Enemy face us openly with honest arms and valour? Even the fiendish Sergeants Affair and the brazen USS Liberty attack occurred after the Parasite was quite assured of the host’s complete mental domination. It is now and has always been only complcity with the Jew by traitors that gives the Enemy its greatest capacity for real evil.

The Enemy has very seldom had to actually fight us in order to reap the profits of our colossal young-racial naïveté – it has from the first Abrahamic infection of Christianity been able to simply turn spiritual subversion into mental domination and use the goodgoyim to alternately wear down one another and turn like a pack of kosher dogs on any culture that might dare to defy.

And yet! The ‘War To End All (Non-Kosher) War’ did NOT put an end to such defiance of the Judaic world-corruption! There was a Second World-Defining War! And Germany spearheaded this one – in spite of everything done to humiliate and cripple her after the first!

We’ll spend a few articles in the near future exploring in more detail the extremely relevant tale of Germany between the World Wars – it is Important, but it is for another time. Tonight is, indeed, a time of remembrance – and this is something the Enemy FEARS!

Just think, for a moment, how much effort and expense has gone into controlling yours and your people’s Folk Memory. First it was “Remember the goodgoyim who sacrificed their lives and your future to destroy your free kin.” Then it was “Forget about all the obvious lies we told during the last war, we’ll admit that was propaganda and that admission means you can trust us in the very near future.” Next it became “It’s time to trust us again, we were gassed in chambers with wooden doors, glass windows, and automatic trapdoors into moving traincars, also turned into soap and lampshades and whatever else I happen to see while writing this memoir – NEVER forget, ALWAYS remember the 600,000,000,000!”

Do you know, Readers, what the Enemy never uses its influence to have its slaves make real through memory?

Our Own Folk. Our Own Side in the War. Our Own Heroes.

We’re not just talking about simply persecuting and jailing elderly warriors honouring their dead while encouraging the celebration of those that devastated their country – although that is a part of it. We’re also not just talking about simply undermining the accolades of even the victorious goodgoyim lest their actions accidentally provoke some ironic glimmer of racial pride in their own countries now decaying in the War’s wake – although that is also a part of it.

We are talking here about the concerted effort of over a century in that favourite monotheists’ pastime of dæmonizing Aryans and Aryan culture. We are talking of innocent children being conditioned to feel shame over their own Folk. Cultivated generations being programmed to HATE those who gave their lives to try delaying the Bolshevik hordes of which the Western goodgoyim were also a crucial element. Of uncounted heroic dead languishing unreborn because they are not welcomed back by their own people!

This is the most loathsome face of the Judaic manipulation of memory – and to this we must say:

We Will Remember Our Own!
We Will Honour Our Legacy!
We Will Renew Our Folk!

Life Is Too Precious,
The Universe Too Beautiful,
To Doom It All To Jewish Lies!

Memory Is A Flame!
Let See What Is True,
And What Is Ash!

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