We Aryans

We Cultivate; We Master; We Divinize

Araš. Airiya. Ârya. Áριστος. Hervs. Herra. Aire.

Friend, Peer, Free Man, Folk, One of Us, Noble, Master, Warrior. Truthful, Initiated, Wise, Well-bred, High, Twice-born.

When asked ‘Who Are You?’ these are the names We have used to describe ourselves in explorations and conquests from India to Ireland. And how telling it is to note the ways in which our ancestors stringently expressed our most quintessential differentiation from the Other, from (for by far the most part): the Anârya.

The Marxist-compromised rubbish-heap of modern academia (a far cry from the élitism and spiritual aristocracy of the original ‘Groves of Academe’) does not want the name Aryan to pass your lips. The anârya (((Enemy))) behind this subversion and so many others does not want the name Aryan to cross your mind. Hel, even the academically-castrated safeword ‘Indo-European’ is suspicious to the forces of the Kalîyugá. But Aryan? Aryan is considered a threat.


The Enemy tells us we are “white”, as if its soulless chameleon anti-race hadn’t perfected the abominable changeling swindle of destroying entire bloodlines through Enemy admixture (cohenveniently excused by ‘conversion’ to the Enemy’s own specially-tailored anârya poison-religion!) so easily overlooked as long as we are merely concerned with the identity of “white”.

The Enemy tells the marginally more intelligent that we are “Caucasian”, as if that Abkhazian-and-Kartvelian-infested mountain range some distance south of our Ponto-Caspian Urheimat were anything less than a gross misplacing of our essential origins and nature, through mere virtue of those non-Aryan tribes being “white”.

As a now-nervous last resort, the Enemy will suspiciously watch any whose further investigation prompts reluctant admission of the phrase ‘Indo-European’, because this is where people start getting to real answers the Enemy has not yet managed to carpet over with a blanket of lies.

Here falls apart the misdirection of “white”. Here falls apart the misdirection of “Caucasian”. Here, with increasing desperation the Enemy points to Indo-European being a merely linguistic grouping (in which sense it has been used, if you count corruption of Aryan languages by such outcaste Anâryas as the Gypsy and the Jew), but this gambit cannot deceive all on the Aryan Grail Quest of Blood and Spirit.

Blood and Spirit, because both of these are exactly what the diligent Seeker within even the strictly-linguistic presentation of ‘Indo-European studies’ will dis-cover in every tribal appellation stemming from the Proto-Indo-European root *h₄erós ~ *h₄eri̯os (a Peer, a Tribesman, a Free Man, an Aryan), from India (Ârya – an Aryan, a Respectable/Honest/Honourable/Noble Man, a Practitioner of Aryan Spirituality, a Twice-born, a Master, a Friend) to Ireland (Aire – a Free Man, a Noble Man).

“Caucasian” is irrelevant, to say nothing of being a deception. The Caucasians are a non-Aryan (all too often? an anârya) people completely different from the Aryans, who just so happen to be white.

“White” is not strictly speaking the same as Aryan, any more than the hyper-Nordicism that so saturates Enemy-sponsored textbooks. Many of the white tribes amongst the Indo-Europeans are potential Aryans, true, but the core essence of the Ârya sees the physical as only the initial foundation, the accumulated good faith and good breeding of one’s ancestors in order to provide a better physical medium for the Spiritual Force that is the Aryan Destiny.

What is this Spiritual Force, initiation into which alone confers that Twice-born status that is the hallmark of the True Aryan?

Exactly what the Enemy fears so much when it hisses and recoils at the very name Aryan!

Friend, Peer, Free Man, Folk, One of Us, Noble, Master, Warrior. Truthful, Initiated, Wise, Well-bred, High, Twice-born.

“We are Hyperboreans;
We know very well how far off we live.”

We are intrepid enough,
We spare neither ourselves nor others;

We have Dis-covered Strength Through Joy,
We Know the Way,
We have Found the exit out of the Labyrinth of two thousand years!

In Blood and Spirit-

  • Vəhrka

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