Intro to Practical Aryan Spirituality Part III of IV – राज्

I. Even after some six years, the intensity of my near-death-experience remains more vivid than many parts of my more reliably tangible and appreciably physical life. This is no doubt due in part to that journey’s consequent (and, all-important in talking about these matters: experientially-born) weighing of two distinct ‘tiers of reality’ and their respective stature in a grander Whole. How shockingly could it prove to be, that such formerly ‘concrete’ benchmarks of ‘reality’ as were nigh-omnipresent in the physical dimensions – could be eclipsed so utterly by perceptions of a greater reality whose dimensions my wildest imaginings could scarcely have dreamed of.

My first awareness of ‘the light’ at ‘the end’ was as a golden-glowing shape in the corner of vision, at first small and unremarkable but growing in breadth and nearness in proportion to the attention directed at it. Perhaps there might have been some point prior to which if I had pulled that attention short it would have kept its distance, but before very much linear-time at all it had grown to such an extent that it became a tunnel-like vortex of golden-white light which had a pull irresistable to the surprised spiritual consciousness that easily left my physical body behind.

There is so much that I could attempt to describe about all of this, but I find that I have my hands full in delineating the real essentials: the golden light ‘opened’ and ‘folded’ around me like an immaterial portal, and as the intact core of my consciousness sped from its temporary abode without a second thought it quickly took on the appearance and experience of certain portrayals of ‘wormholes’ in popular media. At speeds I had never really contemplated, I raced down the seemingly endless but certainly not boring passageway, occasionally making abrupt turns at such speeds that even my ‘body’ of pure consciousness (perhaps because of my current perspective and ability to even process what was occurring) seemed to ‘blur’ and ‘phase’ in a trail behind me.

Just as one-pointedly and inevitably as my spirit sped down the luminous highway towards whatever unguessable destination, the weight of my thoughts moved its way towards attempting an equilibrium in coming to terms with what I believed to be my fate. Do not mistake me for being more transcendently serene than I was: I did not want to die. I struggled well past the point of leaving my body, conscience heavy with rightful deeds undone and a life that I felt had accomplished too little to have been thought worth the living. However, I do not believe that even more valiant efforts than mine would have been able to reverse the overpowering current of that tunnel at the end of the light as I then apprehended it: I had no choice but to either make my resolution with my fate, or not. At a certain point, I knew that I had done the best I could, and that bitterness would change nothing except for my own self-charted course from the moment of physical exit onwards. Setting the face of my voyaging spirit to whatever lay ahead, I hurtled on through the disorientingly rapid rises, plunges, and turns of the tunnel of light. At about the time I had settled into not only a stoic equilibrium but a rather carefree adventurous curiosity in the knowledge that there was nothing more I could do to pick up earthly responsibilities out of my spirit’s grasp, the tunnel very abruptly reached its end and I found myself ejected from another portal into this journey’s newest marvel.

My vantage was that of floating at an unconceivable height in a truly immense space – which was far from empty. It is hard to put into word-pictures what it really was that I saw in this place, other than that it appeared sphere-like and was moving and flowing with energy and action expressed in shifting lights – but I immediately understood that it re-presented the Earth and its myriad lives and events. At the other side of it, and at the same time All-encompassing, was the Wall.

This Wall’s immensity stretched on far out of sight past the spatial curvature of the
κόσμος ‘ limits, and while its shifting lights that mirrored (or perhaps prompted) those of the Earth-image below were far from physical this edge of existence impressed upon me the reality of as impassible a boundary as there is. Floating across the distance of an immense gulf, I was nevertheless intimately aware in spirit of the Wall’s smooth and slick impermeability (like stone or ice) – yet the complexity of its shifting patterns of almost-holographic colour (like an aurora) conveyed a sense of texture and of depth that reminded of an awesomely intricate tapestry whose dancing lights told the story of all history and occurrence.

The grand tableau I witnessed was one of the most beautiful and impressive things I had encountered: in it I saw not just the obvious play of light and hue, but discerned an encoded meaning that translated into every thing and every event within the entire κόσμος. It was indescribably hypnotic, and I might easily have remained floating there in admiring rapture until even Time and κόσμος reached their ordained end. Yet, for some reason, from some ‘where’, the Idea came to me that this need not be accepted as ‘All’. My gaze kept being tempted by the tantalizing almost-transparency of the Wall’s ‘depth’ of ‘texture’, almost as if trying to discern the ‘warp’ and ‘weft’ of the ‘tapestry’. The tapestry? Or, maybe, the ‘Veil’.

This was Mâyâ, I realized: and, within its vast bounds, the κόσμος of saṃ-sâra. Indeed, it was everything imaginable and concrete. And yet…the great Mystery was that there was certainly somehow a Beyond, evident (for one thing) in my own inner divine spark’s being able to conceive of a Beyond! I felt something Unlock on an hypostatic level of existence. Like the turning of a key, my surroundings now turned to accommodate the Certainty of a Beyond-Even-This. The Wall shimmered more entrancingly than ever, but my focus was now not at it, but through it. And, where before I had floated calmly at a peaceful vantage above the motion below, now I found myself rapidly shaken back and forth in the space that my spirit occupied, wracked by the turbulence between Inertia Here and Desire There.

It was a bit funny: earlier, in the tunnel of white light, there had been a moment where I realized yep, I am definitely a goner and after all my best efforts of fighting death it had actually been a lighthearted and almost excited resolution. Now, feeling the indescribable tension all around me as if I were being wound up in an interdimensional slingshot, I felt a far more acute dread that this barrier was not to be transgressed. I had already died, yet the greatest unease was at the likelihood of annihilation by this Wall, like an impudent bug on a cosmic windshield! Maybe there was no going back at this point; or maybe I could still have basked in the dancing lights inside the Wall. But the Truth is that once I had the intimation of an even greater Beyond, I could only attempt to go further.

In no time at all (or just the time it took to fully experience the Willing) I was hurtling for the Wall, trying rapidly to reason whether my immaterial form were about to be shattered beyond coherency by impact with this extremely solid-seeming barrier. The distance was actually very great, but in a mere moment or two the Wall rose so near that it loomed across all the curvature of space and time within my vision, and – in a last instant, unavoidable – I met with the great impact.

Colliding with the Wall in all its hypnotic cascades of dancing colour, I was met with yet another amazement in that rather than one party or the other instantly being broken apart, the Wall began to stretch upon my impact, seeming to bend back while retaining all its strength of insistent limitation. Elastic-seeming, it increased in tension as it gave way, without seeming to lose any of its integrity or its tenacity. Part of me wondered whether I would be flung back hard for my impertinence – but a higher part of me Willed a way Through – and like a bubble burst, the Wall broke open to admit me Beyond all of this.

In the poetick sense it might be said that I was ‘tearing through the Veil’, and perhaps that is what I heard when transgressing this nigh-unimaginable limitation. To my ‘ears’, however, the sound of this ‘tearing’ was more like what I imagine the sound of a hundred thousand simultaneous nuclear explosions might be like. I am painfully aware of this document’s inevitable hyperbole, and that there is little hope of conveying the experience with full contact to the reader who has not (yet) experienced this for themself. Still, this record surpasses any within my knowledge and experience as a marker along the way, necessary hyperbole and all, and ‘a hundred thousand simultaneous nuclear explosions’ is the least ridiculous comparison the reader will be called upon to imagine if they are to successfully find this Bridge.

Crossing a similar Bridge of my own in this transgression of ‘possibility’, I suddenly experienced every ‘wall’ and ‘boundary’ of existence as I had known (had even thought myself to have dis-covered!) it thus far falling without warning Away, vanished into the nothing I had thought I had ‘known’ as “being”, as “Nothing” became visible to me as the most real. Every sight, sound, and texture this side of Mâyâ folded into its infinitesimal pinprick of fleeting existence within the Totality in a momentous instant of dawning awareness – leaving a Silence from all the background chatter of saṃ-sâra so shockingly abrupt that it seemed to roar like an extracosmic lion in the darkness.

The Wall, still cosmically vast but rapidly diminishing in scale compared to the even greater Beyond, fractured like cracking Welteis as my awakening Âtmán forged a path Through.

The Bridge of this ‘tunnel’ was suffused by what can only be called a “black light”, although the projected “indigo” ray of the â-jñâ cakrá substantially informed the transformations of this conduit. Along this channel I flew, with many significant differences from the one I had travelled before. I have already compared the one tunnel’s ‘golden/white’ light to the other’s ‘black’ light. I must also emphasize the comparison of ‘texture’, although presenting the memory of these transphysical impressions cannot help but seem increasingly synæsthetic.

In comparison to this further tunnel, the one of white light was shown to be truly insubstantial and illusory, even though near-totally convincing before transgressed. Like a saṃ-sâric prison of holographic bars with all the solidity (but only the solidity) of complete credulity for the misperception of its alleged reality. A prison whose restraints were the blinded perception mistaking the bounds of the cell for the totality of existence, mistaking truest light for darkness, and the most dimly distorted refraction of light for the utmost itself. Yes – compared to the sheer realness of the Bridge, how transparent and hollow the previously-convincing tunnel (and world!) of white light was!

The other major impression relevant for me to convey in this example is sort of like a sense of touch, but tinged with the act of cognition in a way that conveyed to me as immediate experience: of this black light tunnel as ‘flowing’ (or, less inexactly, aligning as a current) by nature of a force possessing laws much like electricity might if in a more ‘vital’ and truly living sense. By this I mean a full awareness of Connexion, of a thing made possible because of a circuit being satisfactorily completed. In an essential way for the clearing of this path, I was the Bridge, which was the Black Sun, which was my destination, the path to it, and the inherent link to all this which was my latent ‘electric vitality’. And I was in turn about to connect to the Aryans’ point-of-entry into this saṃ-sâric sandbox, and to confront our elder relatives the Gods.

II. Dense as the foregoing text has had to be, I could see no better way of addressing the realities of the energies pertaining to what is called ‘the Black Sun’ – I do say addressing the realities, since for artificially abstract and useless theories the pickings are far more plentiful.

Svartsunna (Sól Valtíva)

When the Black Sun is discussed, whether as energy source, portal, or pattern of manifestation, the idea’s strange name is just as important a key as the lines of the glyph itself. We can find out with more easy solidity what is meant by an energy described as solar, as ‘a Sun’: a centre; an axis; a vital manifestation; a royal presence of command; a sovereign ordering factor organizing and presiding over the elements of its system. With some observation and good sense, of course we find it simple to identify the relevant meanings in the symbol of “the” Sun that we know and love. But what is a Black Sun supposed to be?

On a still exoteric but reasonably accurate level we might relate these two Suns to those of the Golden and the Dark Ages, Satyá and Kalîyugá. In the Golden Age the Sun, royal and ruling body of the solar system, is embodied in godly figures like Mitrá and Týr: acknowledged, open, and shining exemplars of divine regality. In the Dark Age, though, the divine kingship has fallen from its rightful prominence and had to effectively ‘go underground’: witness kalîyugá kings such as Váruṇa and Óðinn who operate on a much more mysterious, strategic, even ‘suspicious’ level. This explains a part of why the Black Sun is an appropriate symbol for dedication to ruthless methods appropriate in our time for winning the return of Purity – but it still leaves us short of the real Meaning the symbol can point further to.

We can gain further insights from the twelve rays or bolts emanating from the Black Sun when rendered as the traditional glyph. Were we dealing with a simple affair of a completely equivalent Sun to our own Sól that simply happened to be ‘the black version’, we should expect to find a sevenfold symbolism as is traditional for our solar system’s ruler of the seven classical planets (Sun, Moon, and the five Πλανήται, ‘Wandering Stars’). Or, for a more developed manifestation of divine power regnant within our nearer system, a derivative of the number Nine, that perfection of Three Times Three and culmination of the archetypal numbers before Ten begins further inflections of the original cycle. But the Black Sun’s (overt) number is Twelve.

In the stellar context brought on by the symbol being called a Sun, the number Twelve recalls to us the Zodiac, that band of the day-Sun’s ecliptic that is divided into twelve segments of the stars beyond our own. When our observations are limited to the affairs of our own immediate neighbourhood, truly Sól is at the centre of all. But when we observe our immediate Sun’s juxtaposition against the jewelled robe of Νύξ beyond, we cannot help but see how our Sun itself takes its course of orbit through a much vaster whole just as surely as we and our neighbour planets revolve around our Sun. It is this greater regal Prꟾncipivm, this subtler implicate Ordre which seems like ‘Chaos’ from the perspective barely able to grasp the grosser explicate one, this higher and truer Light which is ‘Darkness’ to the eyes that are blinded from illusion’s glare, that reveals something of the reason for calling this ‘Sun’ with its twelve otherworldly variations of sól-rúnar a ‘Black Sun’.

It is not the purpose of this article to reveal all of the mysteries to those desiring to simply read their way to “understanding”. The lesson of the Black Sun’s nature as connexion between an Aryan’s presently-incarnate personality and their greater Âtmán, and of their further connexion to the supreme Bráhman itself, is one that has to be experienced in order to convey the γνῶσις and more essentially the γένεσις (kind/géns/jâtí) that eludes gross words which otherwise fail to grasp the essence. The fuller elucidation of what the Black Sun means for us is be earned by trial of the mysteries.

III. The mere manifestation of the Black Sun’s energies destroys illusion and falsity. A wonderful thing to be initiated with all haste, right? A caution here, then, before we get down to linking the chain of action: prior to this initiation, most of your life will be both resting upon and rooted within illusion. You have most likely made it this far in reading this article because you have felt a perhaps vague or perhaps overpowering Aryan Desire for Truth. The intuition, or the supposition, or even the certainty that everything sold to you and all the rest as the ‘most solid’ is nothing but a labyrinth of lies, a shining soap-bubble on a forgiving summer afternoon that is doomed nonetheless to suddenly BURST when the cold wind calls. If everything is healthy and noble with your psyche, you will indeed want to burst this bubble and choose Truth over lies – but you will want, I hope, to build up the ability to survive outside the metaphysical bubble. Because there is work for Us to do.

You should take nine days of solitary vigil to ‘acclimate’ yourself to the Black Sun’s increasingly present rays, effectively ‘inoculating’ yourself against the danger of being completely overwhelmed from the beginning. Illusion will be stripped away, but you are far more likely to be fighting fit afterwards if you have dispersed one layer at a time at a pace suitable for the newly reborn.

For nine days, begin your mornings with a silent vigil facing to the West, whence you may call the Black Sun into increasing manifestation. You may wish to symbolize that energy formally with a rendering of the left-handed sauvástika of Kâlî (卍), or to simply envision and feel the growing nearness of the opening gateway appearing before you. Do not overthink the exercise – simply experience it, for now. Do not shackle the connexion to your presuppositions, but see the singularity for what it Is. Understand that the Black Sun will become more real as saṃ-sâra’s illusions wear more thinly unreal, and in this understanding be calm and without the strain of overextension. Sit there in the subtle-sun’s rays and meditate on these things, for the first morning no more than five minutes. In the subsequent days you should also meditate thus for at least five minutes, also experimenting with longer duration, although I would not advise exceeding twenty minutes during this first reacquaintance with TBS energy.

Now, a word: there is only one real way to get real results from this undertaking, and that is to go all in. I offer warnings repeatedly in this article, because there are definite dangers, but these warnings are so that you can be clear on the stakes from the very beginning and resolutely decide whether to engage in this before finding oneself in the middle of an existential shitstorm made all the worse for being not wholly resolved in the inner war room of the mind. If you are going to do this, throw yourself into it with the purity of a suicide-charge, so that you are completely unburdened by hesitation or attachment when the (hopefully) metaphorical bullets start flying. Then, after nine consecutive mornings of initial meditation, end the ninth evening by manipulating the now-more-familiar energy thusly.

After clearing the air and relaxing fully past the point of being distracted by physical body or mundane thoughts, face East in the evening while the target energy’s anchor-point is cycling past your shoulder to the fore. Lock in on this energy’s source with your growing awareness, and move both it and that awareness of yours closer together in a bridging – the Black Sun as Bridge between your incarnate identity, your greater Âtmán, and indeed the unknowable supreme Bráhman that the Black Sun itself can only ever hint at and point the way towards.

Centre now over your meditation the image and reality of the Black Sun gateway linking to your own Âtmán, a vital link through which you can pull that same energy to interface creatively with your own. Pull this downwards and inwards, timing with your inhalations if necessary, through the Sahasrâra cakrá and the energy fields overlapping with the crown of your physical head. Take the time to observe and to experience the sync between your own vital energy and these other rays flowing through TBS. Then, proceed to pull the energy successively down through your body and each of your soul-chariot’s ‘wheels’ in turn.

There will come a point when you have dramatically transformed this incarnation’s ability to draw and retain this energy even further, should you seek out Kâla Â-jñâ or other dedicated training in Aryan Spirituality. Until/unless then, I would strongly recommend coming back out of this closed circuit at the end of the session by withdrawing the active connexion in the opposite order, from the lower centres up and out the Sahasrâra once more – perhaps training alone to at most keep the connexion open for two or three days before grounding again.

At this point, and indeed at the end of each such session, you will have more and more to record in your own magickal journal. Not only will you have received some very odd and interesting impressions and insights, but you will find that the memory – no matter how profound – will tend to fade rapidly not long after returning to normal consciousness levels, unless you solidify them in a formal record. You will want this early record, both for your own further developement and for for what comes next.

Truly Seek,
That You May Truly Destroy!

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