Chivalry & Honour

“Blessèd are the defenceless, goy.” – the whole of the Jew Testament

And yet spiritual submission to the Jew Christ does not volunteer its ugly desert dæmon’s face to the clear and open light of truth. Just like the compulsion of the twisted demiurge’s chosen, whether greasy sandmite child-filmers or new-covenant pedopriests, for a pure and innocent “sheep without blemish” upon which to heap their own iniquity, the really disgusting inner spirit of this (((Virus))) lies only under a veneer of faux-virtue!

“But think of how much it’s given us,” the infected will offer, as all merchants and worshippers of merchants will offer a bargain – that quintessential feature of all diabolical desert pacts.

“Think of the stabilization into a more structured order after the collapse of the Roman Empire,” they say, deceiving their way past WHO exactly corrupted and subverted that Imperivm from within, the sweetest sandmite-slave revenge for the almost-cleansing of Palestine.

“Think of the expansion of Western Civilization over all the globe when Christ was king,” they say, deceiving their way past the Pure West’s spiritual essence as a Promethean rather than Monotheomegalomaniacal culture-force, prior to Middle Eastern hijacking of not only Destiny but Loyalty – shame that can only be assuaged with blood! – and that even though it’s a “total coincidence, goy” that the laughing merchant’s sway only became more widespread with the international trade lanes always opening in the wake of armies marching and sailing under the sign of the Jew- worshippers’ cross: the first sign over which (according to XXVII.XXXVII of the account credited to Matvei the Jew) read: “THIS IS IESVS THE KING OF THE JEWES.” In hóc signó, indeed!

“Think of the glorious Crusades against the filthy Saracens,” they say in the oblivious stupor of doublethink at its finest, right after arguing Cuckstianity’s “acceptability” because the infected claim to, and some confusedly do, hate Jews – deceiving their way past WHAT Enemy infestation the Jewsades temporarily liberated from ‘haters of Jews’, at the expense of the flower of European chivalry.

Chivalry? How now? Is this not the quintessence of ‘Western Civilization’?

But, Reader, there are two conflicting spirits of ‘Western Civilization’. A European one, and a false-European one. One true to our Aryan, Promethean Spirit and Identity, and one a farce, a deceit, an impersonation that has always appeared just European enough to be accepted by the current flux of infection, but has just as surely shifted that left-sliding Overton Window century by century – closer and closer to its vile and perfidious Judæo-Semitic heart!

Was it “Christian chivalry” that fulfilled the drive and promise of the Aryan Warrior? Christianism shamelessly harnessed the relict Aryan qualities of infected Europeans in order to better spread the infection, and then made use of its built-in panic-button by liquidating as admittedly incompatible every Jewsade-larper’s favourites, the Knights Templar – whose higher circles of initiation were not strangers to the incompatibility of infected dogma with the Warrior Spirit (“I break, then, this symbol which I despise!”).

Was it “Christian chivalry” which brought about the gentling of courtly manners in respect and admiration of feminine virtue? This is the single most misused aspect of chivalry in modern propaganda, yet what so often escapes mention is that this novel manifestation was perhaps the most decidedly un-Christian concession to masquerading as just European enough to poison from within. In earliest chivalric sources we find that a knight’s initiation came not from priests of the Jew Christ but from a woman identified with atavistic remembrance of the feminine half to the Pure Aryan Whole – barbarically insecure-because-unmanly goatherders’ sand cults notwithstanding! Indeed, genuinely European chivalry during its historically brief heyday was met by nothing but stern condemnation from the (((Church)))! Rather than the later subversion by pedopriestly influence, this struggling Aryan rebellion was originally the purview of the nobility alone. Which brings us to our next consideration.

Was it “Christian chivalry” which “civilized” the “barbarians”? The rhetorical phrasing may cater to more classical sensibilities, of course, but the textual confession of infected scripture describes the uninfected not as “barbarians” but as “Gentiles”. GentIlis, a Latin term denoting non-Jews both in the pre-Christian sense of belonging to a Géns or Family/Folk and in the Christian sense of “a slave taking their master’s name”.

While we’re on the topic of damning admissions from the slaves’ own scriptures, let us return to what Matvei the Jew’s account says about the then-uninfected. From V.XLVI on in that apocalyptic logbook:

“For if yee love them which love you, what reward have yee: Doe not even the Gentiles the same?

“And if yee salute your brethren only, what do you more? Doe not even the Gentiles so?”

In this instruction of the Jew’s to all who would worshipfully do its wicked will, we see a real quintessence of the imposter to ‘Western Civilization’ – and compared explicitly to the real thing!

Readers, we HAD a Civilization before its ignoble infection by the traitor slaves known by (((their master’s))) name.

In full explication of its real mission, the (((Christ)))ian scripture demands its sacrificial sheep to foster the qualities of indiscrimination, of over-generosity, of false-equality – of Weakness!

And held up by it as the genuine Western Civilization with which to oppose the mirage-god’s toxic counterfeit is that truly Aryan concept of the Natural Justice of Natural Law, that Inner Honour that can be witnessed from Oδυσσεύς to Brynhildr to Boadicea to Hitler and was likely handwrung over by those first infected by the Jew Christ in the form of those ancient Aryan words from old Argos:

“May the broad brazen sky above crash down on me,
The fate men used to fear in ancient times,
If I don’t stand by those who show themselves my friends,
And vex and irritate my enemies.”

We Uninfected do not need to be kind to those who hate us, according to (((Christ)))ianity – we need to be good to our friends and terrible to our enemies, according to Honour!

We Aryans do not need to extend ‘chivalrous’ fawning to loose and lewd women, or take the logical results thereof as an argument for treating even noble women like feared and hated Middle Eastern chattel-wives – we need to enjoy and defend those women that are noble while extending no such (((equal treatment))) to those who are not, and to recognize this without guilt as Justice!

We Victors do not need to quibble over what those who hate us consider “fair” to those who will stop at nothing to destroy us, or treat the shameless and debased the way we treat Aryans – Genuine Chivalry can only thrive amongst Genuine Aryans, and against the conscienceless it is only ruthlessness that will prevail!

Or are you more concerned with what the Enemy will think?

They are unworthy to have thoughts!

Hone your standards, Readers. Discern Worth from trash.

Hail Victory,
And Do What We All Must-

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