Discomfort and Progress

In Resilience, there is Beauty.

As a child, I spent numerous winters in the French Canadian wilderness. I remember the wind would blow so hard over the plains at night you could hear it whistling through the house, and the bones of the house cracked under the strain. I remember rushing outside to get the book I had left in the family van, a casual oversight remembered only after a few hours of our thirteen hour journey’s completion. The wind caught the storm door and near ripped it off the hinges, and when I stepped into the wind, it was so strong it blew my 80lbs body face first into the mounting snow. Undeterred, I attempted to stand up, only to find out the entire driveway was covered in at least an inch of ice, and the wind blew me back over into the snow. On my hands and knees, I crawled the rest of the way to the van, the wind pushing me back an inch to every ten I crawled. Fifty feet, I crawled to the van. I opened up the door, and found my book. Robinson Crusoe. One Aryan alone against Nature. Oddly fitting. I unzipped my coat, seated the book against my body, and crawled to the front door.

We had moved after that, into the Laurentian Mountains, a sort of Highlands style “shield” to the north of Montreal. The mountains had cut the wind to a slight breeze at worst, but up until then, I had never seen so much snow. In one night, a full meter could drop, and nothing would close the next day. Icicles formed on your eyebrows, and your breath would freeze your scarf to your face. You dug out your driveway to your front door, then dug out the driveways of any elderly neighbors, before heading to work or school. Nobody complained, nobody shivered or kvetched about “the air hurting their face.” You did what was required, and you enjoyed a hot beverage around the fire at the end.

Years later, when “forced” to play outside by my parents, I learned fast that sitting and sulking in the cold would lead to me freezing. The wind bit into my clothes just enough to strip the heat from my body, so I set to work figuring out a solution. In the end, I used a cardboard box to make snow bricks, and I built myself an igloo so warm I had to start peeling off layers. Nature punishes the lazy, and provides to the industrious.

Our ancestors most certainly faced the same hardships, yet without any comforts of modern life. The sting of bitter cold and strong winds drove us to build sturdier and sturdier homes, for a weak home collapsing meant injury, hypothermia, or death. Food being scarce in the winter, we learned to save some food for this three month period of hardship and trial, for if we didn’t, starvation, hunger, or worse awaited us. Lastly, we learned to master heating, to make of our homes a haven from both the cold and the wind.

This past week, my area experienced a cold snap. Temperatures dropped to well below freezing, and the transportation to bring us from the garage to the office was over fifteen minutes late. I looked around. Hats. Gloves. Coats so thick I wondered if they might stop bullets. Every one of them, huddled into themselves, misery written on their faces, shivering, convulsing, and… angry at their discomfort. Some of them stood in direct path of the wind, others, the smarter ones, stood with their backs against a building. Yet, how could I describe this, without the complaining I heard! They had been abandoned outside for fifteen minutes! Alone, to face the bitter cold, with no heat source blowing directly on to their delicate skin!

“How terrible!” I mused with a chuckle, while wearing no hat, no gloves, yet refusing to so much as chatter my teeth or let a bit of my skin quiver under the temperature and wind. The girl I spoke with was not amused. I had insulted her! Insulted her pain and anguish! And… Coldness!

What a fine instructor the Cold is! The Cold bears with it a pain that, if not addressed, will steadily grow until it finally kills you, yet, when you actively take steps to combat its icy grasp, you find that when you reach your goal you were never truly that cold to begin with. The cold teaches you mental and physical resilience. Its ever strengthening grasp will always eventually inspire a movement to rectify the discomfort, and the memories of such discomfort spur us to better prepare for it next time.

In short, any discussion of the Aryan drive towards Progress and Domination cannot be had without the simultaneous conversation of the Aryan drive to Dominate the Winter.

Should it come as any surprise then, that we are at our most decadent, at our most lazy, our softest, our most unable to dominate, when surrounded by hot showers, heated car seats, and room temperature office jobs? Where once the biting cold was the catalyst to see our Ascent for twelve or sixteen hours every day, now we feel the discomfort of getting out of bed in the morning and walking from our heated car to the front door of our office, for twelve to sixteen minutes a day: and “people” are busily working on ways to escape even that!

And yet…. Nature punishes the lazy, and provides to the industrious.

Modern creature comforts are destroying our ability to strive, dominate, and conquer. Where once Aryans set their sights to the horizon and wondered what great lands lay beyond, what new struggle to overcome, no matter the weeks spent at sea or the trudging over endless terrain, generations of heated homes and instant creature comfort have created a new brand of coward, one forever in search of a “safe, secure job with benefits, where it’s always room temperature.” Yet we wonder why these pathetic creatures would vote for Socialists?

There is but one way out of this. Where the heat forges the iron, the cold forges the soul. When your countrymen shy away from the cold, hold your head high and call them soft and weak. Spend an entire day hiking or shoveling snow in the cold. Deliberately expose yourself to the cold in the shower, taking showers as cold as possible. Indeed, this final way will provide benefits to you far above and beyond just a fast mental wake up. You will find yourself more alert and energetic all day. Do not shy away from this cold-forge. Embrace it, and see yourself rise as a God among decadent could-have-been Aryans.

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