Esoteric Aryanism and the Empty Rites of Christianity

The Fire Rises

A common criticism of resurgent Aryan Spirituality by the Terminally Infected worshipers of the Christian Demiurge, is the lack of organization of Aryan Spirituality. “You have no rites of your own!” they claim. An interesting accusation to make, for a death cult which usurped Aryan rites to begin with and then promptly forgot their esoteric significance. What they mean to say is, “You don’t have fifteen centuries of pointless kneeling, standing, sitting, wafer eating, hymn singing, pedophile in a frocked collar lecturing, dead weight faux ‘religion’ empty words and actions to pretend you’re a valid tradition like we do!”

To this we say: You’re right! We don’t have a conveniently exoteric tradition of holidays and celebrations for soccer moms and couch potatoes to gather together and sing a few songs about how what never happened should have happened! We have no publicly legitimate caste of Priests and Holy Men (let alone an Initiated Warrior King!) who can teach the Aryan Mysteries to the Volk. Come to think of it, Christians don’t have a Priest caste either! You’ve spent the last twenty centuries genociding them in some disgusting celibacy scheme! Pedophiles, charlatans and Communists aping your dead rites are what you have left!

What of us then? With no outward tradition, what to make of this Resurgence?

To this we say, Let every Aryan be his own Priest! Let every Aryan rediscover the Mysteries that lie within His own soul! We have no space for dead weight, and anyone looking for cold benches to sit on and an effete middle aged virgin telling you everything will work out should stick to waiting for the Orcish hordes to slaughter them in their churches. There is a reason every Aryan Tradition tells stories of a Storm God slaying a Primordial and altogether malefic deity, and shaping the world with his bones and sinew! This is our birthright, to shape the world as we see fit! Let the sheep and shepherds be consumed in totality by the Saracens and those so-called denizens of the Dark Continent! Let them see what “salvation” awaits them on the other side of death, to be consumed by their Jewhovah!

Let every Aryan then cultivate those spiritual instincts that have been anesthetized in him for centuries. Let him explore the Spiritual Mysteries as he would explore Mathematics and Physics, as he did before the Jew labeled it “Occult.” Hidden. Evil. And populated with demons around every corner, turning aspects of our own soul that the Jew hates the most against us. Or, perhaps better stated, turned us against the aspects of our soul the Jew most hates. Only then can we use this white hot core to forge a Living Tradition to bind together those Aryan in both Blood and Spirit.

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