Helthe, the Fortress (Pt I of II: Diët & Nutrition)

Yfirmaðʀ #1

In order to support a healthy mind, in order to house a lordly spirit: the body must be transmuted through the divinizing Will

When Pheidippídês rose to immortal fame through his sacrifice beyond the already-heroic sacrifices of Marathôn, it was not a spontaneous act with no precedent. The man was no amateur, he was not unaccustomed to the hardships of endurance whether physical or mental. Neither were the assembled Hellenes stupid or whimsical when assigning to Pheidippídês their urgent mission: a first message 150 miles in two days to Sparta (and back), and then 25 more miles to the battlefield – and back.

In crucial moment after crucial moment, each point of decision a pivotal hinge between possible worlds of the future, there was no more time to prepare and no more bravado of the theoreticians’ weightless words. What the Greeks had right then was what they might work with, and it was the time for long years of training (or the lack of it) to either pay off or be found wanting.

Luckily for Athênâ’s favoured, the Hellenic forces had a great asset in a man like Pheidippídês. If they had sent just any person, even just any normal warrior, the will might have been strong but the body would simply have given out. It was a lengthy and arduous regimen of hard training and strife for excellence that, coupled with strength of will, enabled Pheidippídês to run his double spartathlon- and marathon-races back to back, complete his mission, and die.

This is the time, Readers, in which to train yourself before the greatest times of trial at which point it is too late to make up for lost time and what you have is simply what you will have to make do with. If you are too cocky or too complacent to train, you are not even an Aryan now, let alone fated to be a victorious one in the future. Your own Helthe (cf. Old Norse heill: wholeness, intactness, state of being unbroken) is the very first stone to lay in this unfolding Yfirmaðʀ Initiative of pointing towards the goal of the Aryan Renaissance Man. Your own Helthe is the most fundamental bulwark in your own life’s sector of the front in Our Struggle: see to your Helthe, and the foundation is secured for everything that comes after. So: where to start?

Let’s start with diet: the simplest thing to retain in your mind (and, with habit, implicitly within your body itself) is that:

Not only the performance but even the substance of your body will derive from the food and drink that you sustain it with.

Eat clean, be clean; eat trash, be trash. It’s that easy to understand: so put that understanding into action. Now, throughout this article and several of the Yfirmaðʀ articles to follow, I’ll be saying things just like that above which will hopefully seem to most Readers all too painfully obvious. If you’re years ahead of me here – excellent. I want to write these, though, for the substantial number of well-intentioned and ambitious but inexperienced neophytes who don’t already possess the weapon of this information in their mind’s armoury. We’ll assume a background of near-complete ignorance, and move forward to more comprehensive and challenging endeavours in a clear progression.

So, first thing’s first when it comes to diet:

  • Modern trends and fads about diet are extremely temporary, passing into and out of the spotlight according to the whims of the bored hobbyists and sly marketeers of the post-industrialized ‘ennui-of-abundance’ bubble
  • The human physiology and metabolism is much more conservative in nature and the march of sustainable evolutionary change is one of slow increments
  • If someone is trying to sell you on some revolutionary reversal of all human metabolic function thus far, dropping entire food groups or emphasizing only one or two, or even more bizarre gimmicks – chances are that you are being conned
  • Just like with fitness, which we’ll cover in the next Yfirmaðʀ article, Wholeness (Helthe, Heill) and Balance are always preferable to avoiding some areas and overcompensating in others; when you encounter someone trying to avoid cardio and only lift weights, or to scorn vegetables and carbs whilst only eating meats and dairy, you’ll be looking at someone pretty ridiculous and lopsided who might be a kind of idiot savant at one or two things now within the protection of the bubble but will not survive in a more unforgiving future: don’t be one of these statistics.

Everything natural (real, not synthetic) has its place within proportion. Some of the nutrition drawn from different kinds of food will overlap, or even be redundant, and this is beneficial in maintaining a balanced state of Helthe (Heill, Wholeness) even after the bubble bursts: what you do not want is to be cripplingly dependent on only one or two or three sources of any given resource when you, your family, and your tribe stand or fall by the wholeness/intactness of yours and your fellows’ efforts/skills/knowledges. The full ins and outs of a super-detailed look through every unique source of nutrition is beyond the intention of this article to provide, and is more rightfully the purview of the housewife. What I’d like to provide, here, is a more basic summary from which a man of Our Struggle might first launch himself in order to dis-cover the rest for himself. Remember, take this knowledge as a starting point but pay attention to yourself – chances are that you’ll notice some hereditary or even personal peculiarities of how your physiology works with different substances and methods of nutrition. To generalize, though, as just such a starting point:

  • Cereals and starches, within correct proportion, have been fuelling the furnace of the human war machine for a very long time for a very good reason: they are an efficient and easy way to maintain a long-term reserve of energy even hours and hours after an early intake. They’re not “bad” anymore than a pistol is “bad” when some retard has it pointed at friend rather than foe; cause precedes effect quite justly, and it is our responsibility not to be that retard blaming the smoking gun for what we did to ourselves. Starches provide energy, and energy is going to go somewhere and do something; if we fail to use this energy after having some carbs, then it’s going to have a destructive effect on our readiness. Don’t take energy for granted.
  • By the same token, small amounts of sugar can be used as a faster-acting and faster-depleted source of emergency energy. Just as with carbs, it is very important that you not abuse this source of energy – or it will abuse you right back.
  • Fats and oils in their turn are often scorned out of hand just because, like anything else, they are destructive when misused – but in small amounts they are essential for your joints and internal functions, to say nothing of fish oil’s benefits to a highly functioning brain.
  • Fruits are a handy compound nutrient: they will all have at least some natural sugars, and very often essential vitamins and minerals that you would otherwise truly suffer from a deficiency of.
  • Vegetables are perhaps the single most important source of nutrition, right up there in the Key Three with cereals and proteins – and if you had to choose only one as a standalone in order to remain as balanced and healthy as possible, vegetables are a strong contender for the wisest choice. These are packed with essential vitamins and minerals (as well as dietary fibres), without the extra sugars of your typical fruits. With a thorough knowledge of vegetables, you can endlessly fine-tune your nutrition meal by meal with considerable versatility to ensure total readiness.
  • Proteins are mostly in the form of meats, with seafoods, nuts, and legumes making up most of the other major sources. Small amounts of proteins aid the working metabolism throughout the day, but most important is a generous amount at the end of the day to repair and rebuild the body stronger than ever after any strenuous effort – with the aid of an adequate rest cycle. Many seafoods are also excellent for the nervous system and the joints, and nuts make an excellent snack in any patrol pouch.
  • Dairy products are really not as essential in most situations as most people believe. These are great for rearing healthy children, and certain specific products like ghee are beneficial to any adult’s health, but by and large dairy as a component of the overall diet only needs to be a fraction of what has become the Western norm – outside special scenarios like getting enough vitamin D during the winters in northern latitudes.
  • WATER is absolutely essential, much as I shouldn’t even have to say this. Your body absolutely needs it in order to function properly, and that is especially true if you are as physically active as you should be. Drink water.

Now, all of the above takes for granted that we are talking about real foods with natural ingredients. If it’s an artificial, processed substitute, AVOID: it’s goypoison. Hard drugs that wreck your heart and brain or steroids that compromise your reproductive and genetic integrity are the easy culprits to spot in this field, but I can assure you that processed foods are much, much more dangerously effective as a goypoison through their near-ubiquity in the modern world. Eliminating these goypoisons from your life is going to be one of the most crucial lynchpins of owning your own Helthe.

The same goes for cigarettes: these things degrade your ability to contribute your best to the Struggle, and no weak-souled excuses can make up for that kind of self-sabotage. Moderate amounts of alcohol can keep your blood vessels flowing clearly, but excess is weakness and so are contrived rationalizations. Be extra wary of modern beers (and even some ‘ales’ like IPA), which ever since the Christianization offensives of the Dark Ages have been inundated with estrogenizing hops to the point of putting a hipster soy-latte to shame!

Above all, do yourself the favour Now – before the remainder of the economic collapse – of weaning yourself off of any stimulants or supplements that you may have found yourself dependent upon. You don’t want to have a caffeine crash along with the sudden and novel need for more personal discipline once it’s already time to flip the safety over to SEMI. You don’t want to have made your body dependent upon fabricated pre-and-post-workout powders and other paraphernalia only to find oneself thereby dependent on the very system that you wanted to survive. Learn to sustain yourself naturally, or you’ll be just one more overly-domesticated casualty of the transition from a fragile long-distance trade network to a more immediately local way of living.

And to carry the same point further into our long-range preparations, spend this time Now to get good and used to where and how all of the requisite nutrients can be found in your own local environment naturally. You’re still going to need vitamin C in Minnesota whether Florida oranges are being delivered to your trashed and looted former supermarket or not. If you’re setting yourself up for success properly you may indeed have a good greenhouse to keep yourself supplied in style, but if you’re truly at the top of your game you’ll know how to boil up some pine needle tea.

In the next installment of this Yfirmaðʀ Initiative we’re going to attack the matter of Exercise & Fitness, but I can’t stress enough that the real work begins first with Diet & Nutrition. Establish this solid foundation, and the groundwork is laid for an increasingly mighty and majestic edifice that will announce triumph after triumph of the will.

Mæl Heill!

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