Intro to Practical Aryan Spirituality Part I of IV वैश्य

Finance, like other forms of Jew magic, is principally a magic of illusion – its concrescence hinges upon credulity

I. Walking up the tidy path leading to the spacious and elegant house, I paused before the front door in the shade of an oak tree. The sun shone down and even though the grounds were expansive and open, I happened at that moment to be alone. Even as a visiting guest, I could in that serene moment feel appreciation verging on pride, as if I myself were lord of this lovely inheritance. A robin somewhere above retrieved me from reverie, and I walked up the broad stone steps to face the dark and heavy wooden doors that reached above my head.

Even as I reached to knock and announce my presence, one of the doors opened, and I entered into a dimly lit but vast hall. The floor was of magnificent marble flagstones, and all around were the shadowed outlines of antique furniture, wizened hunting trophies, and massive fireplace. At the edges nearer the ceiling were balcony-like railings that overlooked from where the rest of the house raised a second floor, but in the central hall itself the main room was allowed to rise all the way to the house’s highest point.

I looked closer at these dark railings above, because although I could not make anything out in the shadows I was sure I could feel many eyes watching me from above – and these unseen presences felt so strangely familiar!

But my thoughts were cut short by the scraping of a heavy leather-upholstered chair off to the side, and after greeting the party receiving me I took my seat – the only one fully illuminated by the ancient oil lamp nearby.

I couldn’t help feeling surprise at being greeted in a place like this by jewes, who obviously would not have been the ones to originally build the estate. Still, I felt somehow obligated to pay the house itself this call, and I endured the discussion as best I could.

The one doing the most talking, sly grin not quite hidden under the brim of its hat, thought of itself as the quintessential dealmaker – or at least dealer. This one was in a battered chair nearest to mine, and was full of alternately ingratiating and imperious overtures along the lines of, “To really get ahead, kid, you’ve gotta…”; or “No, no, no, it is absolute suicide to try to make it anywhere in the world having those principles, or that opinion, or….”

The second one, ostensibly female, preferred to pace back and forth between the edge of the light near the dealer, and the darker areas farther into a side hallway. This one interjected only occasionally, but always in an attempt to incite emotional doubt or distraction, with all the uncanny weirdness of a jew impersonating a human. “It must feel so distressing, knowing nobody in their right mind really thinks like you!” “You do know that you could have it all wrong? Ever really think about that?”

The third one remained completely silent, sitting in another chair against a far wall on the other side of the other two. Its hat was pushed back above the forehead, but its features and expression were completely hidden in the shadows where it lurked – and watched.

The trio of jewes were making no headway in their “friendly advice” and, to their manifest disappointment, I maintained that I must think and act with as much integrity as I have it in me to embody. At this point the ‘conversation’ could truly go no further, and I stood to leave with one more glance around the unhappily-occupied old house – and again with my attention almost magnetically pulled towards that strange perception of presence on the balconies above.

My hand found the door to open it, and as the golden sunlight poured in to bring the cold marble floor to life: I suddenly remembered. I became lucid of the dream I was in, and recognized my great-grandfather’s house, and the spirits of my ancestors watching from upstairs. I knew, and the deceitful impostors knew that I knew. I had opened the door, but it was the shameless triplicate Jew that exited the house that was not theirs. They had wanted me to compromise, to doubt, to deal; they had set themselves up as the middleman, even the authority – but it was not theirs!

Smiling at my ancestors smiling at me, I awoke.

II. We all need to awake to this realization. It Is Not Theirs!

Not only my own childhood home (about which I am grateful for the dedicated Reader’s patience and indulgence), but Your Inheritance. Our Inheritance. The Enemy squats atop the labours of others it claims as its own, and sets itself up as middleman and dealmaker. It tries to bargain, it tries to dictate terms, it will get you to sell your soul if it can, but it is bargaining with what rightfully belongs to Us! It is not theirs!

This understanding is a powerful key to achieving real freedom in the World still waiting beyond the deceptive illusions of (((their))) world. You do not have to compromise! You don’t have to deal! This Earth and the Lordship of it is Our Aryan Birthright, and realizing this to your deepest core is what scatters Jewish lies like choking smog before the burning Sun.

So you’ve had the illustration, and you have the understanding: what now remains is to put this Truth into action decisively in your life (that’s right: Yours! it’s not theirs!) to begin reclaiming Your Inheritance. This will be most powerful as soon as possible after first really contemplating these things in this light. I hope you’ll do it now. If not, at the very least by the end of your day I charge You as an Aryan to make time (it’s Yours!) and push back against the world-stranglehold of Jewish Lies – We will All push – Together!

III. When We last spoke on Welthe and ✡️Finance✡️, we alluded to some of the essential differences between the real prosperity of Our Inheritance – and the Jew-peddled counterfeit weighing and wearing so many down. This theatre or front – prosperity – in Our War is the perfect target in this exercise for two reasons:

  • First, the Jew has done its absolute best from ✡Spinoza✡ to ✡Marx✡ and beyond to corral the Aryan body, mind, and spirit completely within the physical alone, has expounded not only the primacy but the sole reality of the physical – by securing prosperity and physical independence, We are cutting out the loathsome (((middleman))) and reclaiming as Our Inheritance what wasn’t the Enemy’s to make deals with.
  • Second, the Aryan Tradition affirms the primacy of the Spiritual over the physical, and by bringing the φύσις back under the ϝαιγίς of the Spirit We are restoring the Rightful Order on this Our Earth. This will build into the next exercise, and the next, lending momentum to the Aryan Renaissance and effectiveness to the emerging core of Aryan Leadership.

To take this next simple step in reclaiming Your Aryan Birthright, first find a quiet place free from distractions, where you can fully relax and let go of the distractions of the mind as well.

Sit up, comfortably but straight (Aryan Spirituality cannot be practiced while slouching!), propped against a wall or other vertical plane if that helps. For these initial exercises, go ahead and close your eyes.

The first thing you will assert mastery over is your breathing: regulate it evenly and slow it down, enough to have a calming effect without becoming distractingly labourious. Have your body relax some of its tension with every exhalation, and don’t forget to let go of all that tension around your brow – the neophyte’s inclination is often to focus here and strain too hard for sight, and this will not come without relaxation. As with martial arts, straining tension will be defeated by calm suppleness, so when you think you’ve breathed it all out – breathe out just a little more. Don’t feel rushed.

Now we’re going to bring in some visual and kinetic structures to become a part of your practice in developing your spiritual senses; these first ones can be attached to your inhalations. Imagine in your mind’s eye, and feel as being right in front of and above you, a ball of light radiating wisdom, power, and vitality like a little sun. When you next inhale, ‘see’ and ‘feel’ this light being inhaled in the air you breathe, and feel its solar power going to work, energizing you with awareness and potency. When you exhale now, not only is the tension and fatigue being breathed away but your muscles and systems are now being suffused with circulating light.

Continue this flow of inhale/exhale, and become fully comfortable and confident in this heightened state.

Now that you’re feeling some awareness and power, there’s more Aryan Birthright to reclaim.

For to-day’s exercise, We are going to send Our Will through the gateway of Fire. If you find that you need the physical flames at this point in your progress, you should place two candles in front of you as though framing the gateway, which will occupy the space between the two flames. If you are able at this point to hold the image in your thoughts and awareness, just point and breathe two ‘invisible’ flames into the air to either side in front of you, and continue your breathing while growing more aware of the gateway.

This kind of gateway can be used for many purposes, but to-day’s purpose is sending Your Will to work in the world. I want you to determine a Goal for this ritual, some benchmark of prosperity and real independence from the Enemy’s grip on this waning materialist world-idea. Eyes closed (this is easier, until you’re truly an adept), you are to gaze with your mind’s eye into the gateway between the flames (and don’t forget to relax around that brow! you’re flowing, not straining) while envisioning (within the ritual time/space, creating) the end result required. Try to avoid playing this scene out like a video and getting lost in an actual fantasy – solidify it into a particular image, like a snapshot or a portrait. Give it rich symbolism, all the necessary details, and most importantly make it emotionally charged.

This image needs to inspire intense and powerful feelings springing from your meditation-enhanced vitality. Since it’s an image of the desired end result, one of these feelings should certainly be of Victory, for instance. There will be others. Let yourself feel these intensely, feeding the image in the gateway with your gradually rediscovered power, and control with the higher and more detached part of your mind the overall effort, of slowly ‘pushing’ the feelings/image/magick ‘through’ the gateway and into working mightily in this world from the spiritual heights. Keep this image sharp and these feelings strong and this concentration steady for as long as you can, and at a certain moment you will hit a ‘peak’ after which the intensity will rapidly fade – so as soon as this happens, pour through the gate the image and the rest of the effort that you have and verbalize (if you are able, say it aloud with Authority; if you must, command in your mind but make it reverberate anyway) plainly and succinctly Your Will in the present tense, at the same time feeling as strongly as possible the feelings of resolution because you must feel your result as having already conclusively happened.

When this is done, extinguish the flames and let your image and feelings fade as you push every last vestige through the closing gateway. You should feel calm, and 100% unattached – as the desired future has already been made real, and all you have to do is remain unattached until the formality of the event’s delivery within the linear timeline. Verbally affirm to the effect that “It is done,” and get up, let yourself pull back from the expanded consciousness, and ‘retract’ your mind and attention from the magick in order to allow it to do its work unimpeded by your mind.

It can help, immediately afterward, to engage in some minor activity that busies your hands and occupies your mind, until you can fully return to a regular state of consciousness. Your goal here is to not ‘dig up the soil to check on the seedling’, and you can do this by not even thinking about the ritual you just performed, wondering how long it will take to manifest, feeling silly for trying this bizarre exercise, and the like. This can actually be the hardest part to master! In the early stages, if you do find yourself thinking about ‘that thing you shouldn’t be thinking about’, immediately turn it into feeling those feelings of success and gratitude over the end result that you are making real to the point of being so assured as to have practically already happened. This done, retract again and go about your daily life – this will become easier over time, and is its own subtle discipline.

Some of you are destined to become Aryan Sages, Philosopher-Kings in the making, and will go on to greater and greater spiritual siddhis. Some of you are on the Martial Path, aspiring Warrior-Nobility – who can still master basic spirituality like this exercise with the same discipline and attention that it takes to excel in the martial arts!

All of Us, however, need to ensure our complete independence from the (((middleman of finance))) seeking to bind us wholly within the material – through bonds of illusion. This Inheritance, the Aryan Spirit of Lordship, will destroy the illusion. Remember: You don’t need a (((middleman))); You don’t need to ‘deal’; or to compromise; or anything short of Aryan Mastery! The world is not really theirs. It’s time to start claiming Your Inheritance – from Above! From the highest tactical ground: the Aryan Spirit.

It Is Already Done-

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