Man, Save Thyself!

Aryan gods don’t send Judaic messiahs – it is YOUR responsibility to STRUGGLE for Victory!

To speak of these times and the currents overwhelming them as vulgar, corrosive, anârya – is to perhaps waste words saying what all of us (who matter) already know. We know that we are up against the most formidable concentration of anti-initiatory entropy in the (surviving) history of this planet. We know that not only the institutions of government in what were once our countries, but the very people who used to be the bulk of our racial kin, are not merely useless in the Struggle but useful and sometimes even conscious tools of the Enemy. We know exactly what we are up against, we few who know all this – and insist upon Victory anyway.

But, my very special Readers, we are few at this stage in the Struggle. To be in possession of both the accurate Knowledge and the unyielding Will is to be one of a very few. It goes without saying that we are far outnumbered by the overtly hostile or even just passively sleeping masses – but even on the (self-declared) Right there are those of partial knowledge but without the Will to even confront what they do think that they know. From the ranks of these uninitiated ‘sages’, we tend to hear unceasingly these days of all their varied (((messiahs))).

‘Kalki is coming,’ we hear – but we seem to hear nothing of how those pining uselessly for a saviour imagine they will be spared cleansing. ‘Hitler is coming back,’ we hear – and we wait to hear how his expected correcting old mistakes of tolerance will somehow exclude the mistake of tolerating idle trash waiting passively to be saved. We might as well be hearing these ignoble sentiments for what they are REALLY echoing: ‘(((Jesus))) is coming!’ ‘Blessed are the dependent sheep!’ ‘Our problems will be solved if we only praise!’

To describe these things as wholly un-Aryan – no matter what Aryan name and form they may be dogmatically shackled to – when depicted in their proper lighting would be, again, to waste words describing what the Arya will already intuit. It is my conviction, however, that we must not keep too much to our old haughty silences when there are uninitiated seekers of real potential who may not know better than to be taken in by these mutations of Jewish messianism and “our-guy”-itis.

Is Jesus the Jew returning? 11/10 should crucify again!

Is Hitler coming back? Hitler would wish to come back better! Like Goebbels, like Nietzsche, like all transformative phœnix-heroes Hitler would be apalled and disgusted at the idea of a (((messianic))) cult worshipping even their flaws and mistakes – he would slap around and berate the salvageable, send to camp the complete trash, and point Higher to beyond the old heroes, where all future generations should strive!

The un-Aryan páśu spouting these lazy hopes that the gods or heroes should save the likes of them would claim to have their own understanding of the quote accompanying tonight’s short rant. They will nod seriously over their borrowed phrase Kalîyugá – probably pronouncing and thinking of it as Kâlîyugá. They will feel oh, so superior to “every de-consecrated civilization that knows and extols only what is human and earthly” – whilst unreflectingly regarding the (exceptional) human being Adolf Hitler and all this (great) man’s many mistakes as the pinnacle of Aryan potential and elevating the (1930s-appropriate) earthly programme of National Socialism to the rank of some neo-bhaktoid cultlike approach to ‘spirituality’. They will practically drool over what they interpret as Baron Evola’s or Hesiod’s or ANYONE’S ‘promise’ of being ‘saved’ by the godlike heroes needed for Total Victory – not only failing to comprehend that nothing of the sort is ‘promised’ (other than the necessity of destroying not only obvious foes but culling lazy trash pretending to be Aryan) but failing to lift so much as a finger to better themselves and become one of the gods needed to herald an Aryan Renaissance!

Men and women of the True Right: gods, goddesses, and heroes are indeed precisely what we Need in order to break through the death grip of the Enemy world-order and build upon the fertile promise of well-deserved ashes. But gods, goddesses, and heroes are our responsibility to become and to beget – no god that is Aryan is going to ‘save’ us, or ‘turn the wheel back’ or any such ex máchiná śûdra-bait. Do you know the ‘secret’ of Kalîyugá? We are off the gods’ apron strings. It’s time to grow up!

When the gods do return in full stature, we will have failed if we are not ready to walk alongside them – as the children of their generating, that have finally grown to maturity and with the full potential of the Aryan Destiny within our reach.

Is Kalki coming? The Aryan Answer will be: Kalki or not, here I come!

Look again at the image above, one that longtime readers will recognize from our very first online presence. Think on the awakening god chiselling himself out of the raw stone. Make up your mind where you belong, with the entitled trash waiting for salvation or with the ascending gods who will subject all trash white and otherwise to the cleansing fires!

Those of You who are with Us:

Take Your Hammer,
Take Your Aim,
And Take Your Seat!

“Muh Numbers” will NEVER make it – thank the gods!
  • Vəhrka

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  1. Myths are the foundry of heroes, something our people recognised long ago. Our modern myths are polluted by feminism, marxism, and the destructive myth of the lamb-god who dies because “if you kill your enemies, they win.”

    Perhaps for those of us with imperfect ability to be heroes, the creation of new myths is a viable outlet?

    Think of the effect of Harry Potter (entire message: genetics mean nothing, embrace and serve inferiors who hate you) on the mass consciousness and then add zest.

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