Needing Men of Action


It’s a strange feeling, being over a keyboard like this after so long. Where we had once produced essays at a rate of five to seven per week, we had dropped nearly off the face of the Earth, almost instantly, and for an extended period. Yet, while our presence online has been less felt in the immediate sense (the ripples still carry forward with ever increasing fervor!), it felt necessary to get more material plans in order. The time previously spent writing essays has been put instead into learning new trades and skills to build something of lasting value to this Cause. The time spent planning a few nights of posts has been redirected towards cultivating relationships with our better halves, so we may have children to carry our torch. In short, having been atomized, we are beginning to coalesce our forces here, on the Material.

Now, having done this for a while (and running a site on the side dedicated to destroying that most infectious of Semitic poisons) I can safely say there are but three individuals who read this and other material like it.

  1. The Silent Kvetcher: These are the “people” who disagree with us, perhaps share our material to their silly little insular and incestuous groups that will never accomplish anything to demand a Crusade over, yet never manage to bring more to the table than the same tired lines about the (((One True Religion))), or “human rights.”
  2. Angry Brownshirts: You know the type. Subhumans who can’t hold down a job, probably addicted to an illegal substance, refuse to accomplish something of value with their lives.
  3. People who know that something is deeply wrong with this world, have fine instincts, but lack the words to articulate it, or the power to do something about it.

It is to this third group that we talk to here.

Look at the state of our race and our cause. We are atomized, destitute, our ideas are so far outside the mainstream that they can get one fired from a fast food job, and we have no prospects for anything greater. Our children must continually be exposed to more and more effective and efficient brainwashing which they must in turn overcome if they are to know anything resembling the Truth. By the time they figure it out, many of them are so utterly destroyed that their life is irretrievable.

Bluntly, this must change.

I work twelve to fourteen hour days to build an empire worth millions (yes, that’s right) to hand to my children. Even the spare moments I spend taking my afternoon shits are spent furthering the cause of an Aryan Imperium which has its OWN Gods to walk with it. I will die, having handed my children an investment portfolio worth millions, I will have supported the Aryan cause, funded the publishing of our stories, and done everything in my power to break the control Mass Media has.

What will you do?

Will you follow in my footsteps, to create a generative supply of resources our cause my draw from to reach more and more people? Will you tirelessly work to see our Stories told? Will you act as a medium between our Aryan Gods and our Aryan folk, so desperate for real interaction with their own deities? Will you join the military to lead our folk in combat? Perhaps you’ll become a gunsmith, to see our folk armed and ready. Is politics your call? I will support you. Perhaps your duty is to create a home schooling curriculum that will prepare our children for the future. Or…. To start a school for such? Perhaps you are a brewer of beer, of mead, or of whiskey? Name your products after Aryan ideas and Gods, and see it inspire thousands. Help contribute to Aryan causes.

You’ve sat on the sidelines long enough. You’ve sat and read our material for over a year. You’ve silently nodded your head as you understood our cause, YOUR cause. It’s time to act. It’s time to step up, accept your duty, find your place, and help build an Aryan resurgence, or be left in the dust, your name forever forgotten.

  • Der Wille zur Macht

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