Of the Bayonet & the E-Tool

A well-rounded skill set is essential to the military of a nation; a well-rounded youth is essential to the future of a nation

If the Rifle re-presents the modern combatant’s long arm and longer reach, the intellect and discipline with which to stake his claim upon Destiny – the Bayonet surely re-presents the cold and sharp cutting edge of the steely Will that must lie behind every (successful) Struggle for Victory. The Rifle is the mighty capability for engaging the opponent at great range and speed; the Bayonet is the bloody resolve to if necessary butcher the opponent in close and messy proximity. The Rifle is making the greatest use of the most efficient means for battlefield dominance; the Bayonet is the surrenderless Determination to, even when every other means is exhausted, wage War to the Knife rather than meekly, sheeply, accept defeat.

On the modern battlefield, truly, the literal rather than symbolic use of the Bayonet is and should be a last resort. Yet, the racial-memory pre-mêlée call of ‘FIX BAYONETS’ retains its hold on the mind as the ultimate still-vaguely-possible manifestation of contesting valour. Every remotely healthy male knows he should be capable of forcing a bayonet through the other side of an opponent’s torso with murderous devotion to ensuring the kill. Yet this golden standard remains just as elusive as universal, given the scarcity of situations (right now!) bypassing the Rifle to call for the Bayonet’s grisly employ.

Not that this stops talkers from talking more than they should. Lack of experience in mortal use of the Bayonet is understandable today even amongst modern militaries at war; Warrior Initiation, then, and transformative psychological conditioning, lay whatever groundwork can be laid until the Question of the Bayonet may one day be posed. However, cavalier self-promotion of fitness to successfully employ the Bayonet is all too often found even amongst those not proven in ample opportunities for the far less demanding use of the Rifle. In aiding the decent exposure and rightful censure of these poseurs, and more importantly the education of our most promising readers, I would call your attention to a far less glamourous but highly important further implement of War: the E-Tool.

The humble Entrenching Tool is something one never seems to hear the armchair-commando types boastfully proclaiming their fitness and willingness to wield. Indeed, highly unlikely is its bare inclusion in untried operatorbros’ Tactical™ loadouts. This is because, firstly, in their imitation of warriors these pretenders do not even really know enough to construct a proper counterfeit. Secondly, unlike the Bayonet and to a certain extent the Rifle: it is perfectly legal and practical to engage – right now, on the home front – in the learning and proving of skill and dedication in use of the E-Tool.

But you don’t see the talkers engage in any learning orproving with the E-Tool any more than with the Bayonet or even the Rifle, because real work – and gods forbid that be difficult or unglamourous, let alone both! – is exactly what the E-Tool is for. It is wholly, utterly practical. It digs trenches, and fortifies embankments, and a hundred other mundane and unpleasant but essential tasks of war and peace. Where the Rifle and the Bayonet give scope to Training and Guts within the span of those actions which are so brief and scattered within a war, the E-Tool gives scope to Endurance during all the rest. Rare is the veteran of any modern war who can tell you truthfully that he made (the intended!) use of his bayonet. Rare, also, is the veteran who never made use of his e-tool!

In Our Struggle, it both very easy and very natural to completely lionize the spirit behind successful use of the Rifle and the Bayonet – and they are vitally important. Just as important, and consistently overlooked by the ignorant, is the humble but indispensable E-Tool. But the astute amongst Our Readers will have noticed long ago that we have not simply been discoursing here on battle gear.

The great moments of decision, the pivotal tests of Training and Guts, are indeed decisively important. How decisively important it is, then, to prepare for those challenges by cultivating through ready and hard work that Endurance which will be so mercilessly demanded of us in order to reach those moments of decision!

There is no excuse not to engage in both the literal and figurative use of the E-Tool. It is perfectly legal. It cultivates Endurance. It constructively prepares needed advantage for when legality and states dissolve on their own or with encouragement to dissolve.

It is essential, and it is practical to a degree of reality as untouched as unknown by empty braggarts of bayonetting glory – who for all wistful words secretly hoped far distant, have not even availed themselves of the ready-to-hand shovel work that is waiting and necessary.

The E-Tool is suited not only for the trials of war but for the needs of peace, and this is just as well: because those armies who do not neglect the practicalities and Endurance embodied by the E-Tool tend to win wars.

Rifles are needed, Bayonets are optimistic but promising – are You dedicated enough to make the needed use of a Simple Fucking Shovel? Because it’s not really just a simple fucking shovel. Like the other components of the complete warrior arsenal, it is also a symbol.

A symbol of Endurance. A symbol of Practicality. A symbol of not only winning the 90% of any given war which is contested off the battlefield: but of something truly Creative, a solid construction from the Total Victory sought not in limited war of the Rifle, or partial war of the Rifle and the Bayonet – but of Total War.

Pick up your E-Tools,
Warriors for the Future:
We’re in the Endurance Game-

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