On Welthe & ✡Finance✡

“The important question is whether an idea is fundamentally right or not. The question of whether or not it may be difficult to carry it out in practice is quite another matter.”

How heavy a matter money is, when you really think about it. You can have all the ideals, fervour, and conviction in the world – even to the point of fighting a dogged guerrilla war that can seem all but doomed! But then, sober reflection sets in – and how weighed down with vulgar realism all lofty designs can seem, pinned asphyxiatingly by that most implacable Semitic god-imp: Money.

‘We have Loyalty,’ you may say – ‘but they have Money.’

‘We have Valour – but they have Money.

‘We have Truth – but they have Money.’

And you know, if you think honestly enough, that in this Kalîyugá whose scales are so overwhelmingly fixed in favour of vulgar mass – in a war of attrition, Money can bring a great deal of that attrition to bear, be you never so dedicated.

What, then, are we to do? Sell our souls for economic well-being, as the Enemy’s merchant-worldview would instruct? Turn our backs on well-being altogether, as the Enemy’s slave-religion would pressure? Okay, that last one was completely unnecessary rhetoric if you are one of Our Readers! But how can a noble person, an Aryan, maintain their dignity whilst also advancing their well-being and that of their family and tribe – pressed on all sides by the slimiest Enemy machinations of the Dark Age?

Perhaps in order to understand this, we should first understand the difference between prosperity as Our People have anciently known it, and the economic poisoning brought about by the toxic Jew. When in this essay I draw the distinction between ‘Welthe’ and ✡Finance✡, I am drawing upon the two particular words for a particular reason in elucidating this labyrinth of an inherited nightmare.

Welthe, or Ƿelþe, is in Old English the possession of Wela, or Ƿela: not mere materialistic mummification but a keener and more vital sense of joy and well-being, of warmth and weal. The Ƿ (Wynn or Ƿynn) character, a runewise reader will note, corresponds to the Old Norse rune Vend or Ꝩend – the rune of Joy, Beauty, and the Ꝩanir.

When I speak, on the other hand, of Jewish Finance, I do so in the full sense derived into Middle English from Old French finir (to fine, also and significantly to kill or to die), itself a corruption of the Latin fꟾnió (to finish, to bind, to restrain, to terminate), a derivative from Fꟾnis: Finish, End, Limit, Boundary, Death.

Let’s continue our first examination of Jewish Finance with the aid of another Latin word. Fiat, or Creation, is especially a creátió ex nihiló, e.g. ‘FꟾAT LV́X!’

Let’s say you have a stable economy based on Truth: you are dealing with real goods, real handshakes, real coin. The Jew is a walking anti-Truth: both instinctively and vindictively, it will never fail to undermine the Truth of Welthe with some kind of ex nihiló Jewish Finance lie.

Suddenly your real goods are subverted with fake counterfeits: FꟾAT!

Your faithful word is entangled in false lies: FꟾAT!

Your regulated coinage is undermined with clipped imposters: FꟾAT!

You can hear it almost with its own echoes of chiming ‘cash’ registers and rubbing hands: FꟾAT! The word has even lent itself to a particularly insane modern development of ✡Finance✡ – fiat currency.

When even the undermined gold coinage wasn’t destructive enough to the welthe of the Folk, the “money” itself began to be created as fiat ex nihiló. Whichever end of a swindle the Jew needed to wriggle free from, it could manipulate the new currency, because the new currency was a mere fiat, a mere confabulation of nothing. If the greatest threat lay in the careful husbanding of welthe after the manner of precious metals, the new currency would decay given enough time anyway – FꟾAT! If the greatest threat lay in masses of the new money being accumulated at a rapid pace anyway, more could be created (ex nihiló, ad ꟾnfꟾnꟾtvm) to depreciate the scattered “value” of the whole scheme – FꟾAT! To retain absolute control over this carnival of illusions, flares and smokescreens in the form of stock speculation and interest conglomeration were instituted just to make sure as many arbitrary and imaginary Jewish lies as possible stood between Our Folk and Their Rightful Welthe.


The legendary World War didn’t begin in 1939 when the tanks rolled in to secure the Germans of Danzig and the Allied Goodgoyim amassed to help the Communists take the rest of Poland and so much more – it began in 1933 when the International Jew in every country that harboured it declared open economic war on the Germany that abolished Jew speculation, Jew profiteering, Jew interest, AND Jew fiat currency! When Hitler scrapped the worthless Judenfetzen paper-money for a Reichsmark backed in a silver whose reserves were not yet under the thumb of the ✡Rothschilds’✡ ilk, the great kvetching was over the Führer having shown how to “miraculously” emerge from Depression into Welthe at a single stroke: the stroke against Jewish Finance!

And as long as we, after all those Twelve Yules’ lessons of 1933-45, still try to secure Our Prosperity from within the bounds of the Jew’s mirrorbox of lies, for so long as that we cannot truly call ourselves free.

Cut through the lies; see through the dazzling flares and choking smoke; see the slavery of Jewish Finance for what it is: a tightening noose.

Freedom and independence of Our People to pursue Our Destiny must be secured on ALL fronts. We require Spiritual Independence by the sages’ wisdom; we require Physical Independence by the warriors’ arms; and we require Economic Independence by the rejection of the Jew’s most widespread stranglehold on the part of each and every Aryan.


“Ƿynn is had-
By the one who knows few troubles,
Pains, and sorrows,
And to him who himself has-
Power and blessedness,
And a good enough house.”

Strength Through Joy!

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