Organization, and “Doing Something”

To manifest, it must first be envisioned.

Let me tell you a story. A story about winning beyond all odds, about surviving an assault, and winning, outnumbered 25 to 1. Is it that incredible? Hmm. Perhaps, but not for the reason you might initially think. Sometimes, the question isn’t “How did you win outnumbered 25 to 1,” but “How did you lose, outnumbering the enemy 25 to 1?” As you may soon see, simply “doing something” is perhaps a complete surefire way to render you a statistic.

South Africa, 1879. The Battle of Rorke’s Drift. Considered to be the deciding battle in the British breaking the Zulu strength in the region. Four thousand Zulu forces descended on what amounted to a small trading outpost, manned by just under 160 British forces, and around 100 native African what they describe as “cavalry.” This “cavalry,” such as it was, broke rank and fled at the first sight of this four thousand man army, come to consume them like black locusts. Some of the British NCO’s of this “cavalry” also broke rank and fled, and in return were rightfully shot upon by the garrisoned forces, one of which, a Corporal William Anderson, met his deserved fate and died by this fire.

With almost 40% of their forces fleeing over the horizon, the garrisoned forces dug in deeper. They manned the walls and prepared for a fight for survival. A lone speck of Order and Reason standing against Chaos and Destruction. The Zulu, with spear and cow skin shield, laid their siege against the British, armed with breech loading single shot rifles. The British fired. And fired. And fired. It wasn’t long before the Zulu dead were so great, they were used as mounds to scale the walls of the trading post to engage the British hand to hand. Still the British fought. With knives. With bayonets. With pickaxes. With whatever it took to lay waste to every single embodiment of savagery which dared try to consume Reason and Rationality.

The British fought all night and into the next morning against this overwhelming foe. They fought….. until there were no more Zulu left to kill. Until they had fled to regroup. Yet a second attack never came, and when the smoke finally cleared, the casualties the Zulu suffered numbered over 350 killed and over 500 wounded. To the British 15 dead.

By this point, I imagine some of you are chuckling, thinking about all the hilarity that would ensue if those denizens of the Dark Continent managed to leave their welfare caves to try and start a race war. You’d be right. It would be hilarious. You’d also be missing the point.

Before any of them approached their first gated community, they would be rounded up by riot police and summarily shot faster than you can say “Black Lives Matter.” We know it, they know it. It all comes down to organization. The moment they say, “We have to do something! Let’s rape some white girl!” they get 20 to Life.

So, now, here you come along. You’re angry that the Jews control everything. Rightfully so. You’re angry about the lack of organization that Aryan interests have. Rightfully so. You’re angry the Aryan Tradition has been spat upon for a thousand or so years. That we are so decadent we risk being destroyed permanently, or at least to be slaves to these lesser races, or the Jews themselves.

“We have to do something!” we hear. What, exactly? You managed to figure out the truth, and now you’re going to run over some lemming protesters with your Dodge Challenger? Or shoot up a church? You are literally no better than the black who says, “Let’s do something! Let’s rape and kill white women!” You will achieve nothing, save an unceremonious death, after being locked in a cage for twenty or thirty years. Rightfully so. You charged a fortified position with a sharpened stick, when the other side had firearms.

You think you can have six kids, wait out the collapse of the West, and just rebuild? Look at the situation in South Africa for an idea of how much we can expect the other lesser races to leave us be once their welfare checks come to an end. Look to the situation in Palestine for an indication at how the Jew will treat Aryans, once we have no more power. Look to the bombing of Belgrade under Janet Reno if you want an idea of what the Accepted™ Powers will do to their own race, when someone’s pulling the strings.

I get it though. A solid 70% of our readers are men between 18 and 35. The prime age for “doing something.” Which “doing something” do you want to do? To grab your spear and leather shield and get gunned down, so other angry men behind you can crawl over your corpse and get shot themselves?

Or do you intend on winning?

You should already know who your allies are. They’re the ones who’ve abandoned that Semitic slave religion and embraced the Black Sun. They’re the ones who understand that Blood is everything. Who are making every effort to perfect themselves. To draw themselves closer to their Aryan spiritual roots. I should hope this describes you as well, otherwise you’re certainly not an ally.

Here’s what you can do to win this war. Live a lifestyle (that includes a career) in which having three, four, five, or more children of quality is possible. Stop being a bloody employee and start a business. Learn to invest. Get a Law degree and become a Prosecutor. A police officer. Start a Project Veritas type of organization to promote Aryan interests. For fuck’s sake, learn PR. I swear, if I see another 98lbs brownshirt with a swastika armband, five teeth missing and shit poor posture I’ll lose it. Get each other promoted internally. Teach each other skills. Were you able to become successful as an investor? Are you sitting on millions, and your children are all proper Aryans with huge families? Find kids in college who are Far Right. Sponsor them, and groom them to become the next generation of leaders. Get involved in politics. Become mayors and council members of small towns. Take them over.

This happens literally every day, and its why we’re losing our asses off. While white people are complaining about getting union benefits so they can buy a boat or a second house like their broke next door neighbor, Jews and Arabs are using that money to put their kids through college and start businesses. And you better believe they don’t let their idiot kid choose Feminist Dance Therapy as a major. They’re funding their nephew Ezekiel’s foreskin removal business and skin care line. Hello, IWMP.

Why do I recommend this? What am I suggesting? Am I advocating getting that mortgage payment in a white suburb and calling it a day, like the chicken hearted bourgeoisie? Am I recommending we try to out-Jew the Jew with all of its scams and lies? Nein! Hitler tells us it takes four times the effort to correct one of their lies, and nobody scams and schemes better than the Jew!

Here is what I recommend: Quit complaining on the internet. Use it instead to link up with individuals in your region and build infrastructure. A lack of infrastructure, once Totalen Krieg is upon us, looks like this: a scattered, ill equipped or unequipped mess, barely armed and always lacking the money to train properly, attempting to cross hostile territory to link up and getting picked off in the process. It means being lone warriors against hordes of Jew controlled savages.
Having infrastructure while facing Totalen Krieg looks like this: Your collective genius and hard work has built a thriving ammunition and machining business in a small town. You employ dozens if not hundreds of like minded Aryans, whom you pay very well, and encourage them to train with firearms, and learn viable post-collapse skills. They are able to build small farms, which feed not only themselves, but provide for long term storage or trade. Prestige within the community gets your group elected to seats on the city council, perhaps even a mayor’s seat. Even better, a few become police officers and rise to high ranks within. What does Totalen Krieg look like then? You have food. You have water. You have infrastructure and community. You have an inexhaustible supply of arms. Which sounds better to you?

Quit bitching. Quit whining. Quit going out and getting in fights with the dysgenic Leftists wearing pink hats. BUILD SOMETHING OF VALUE. This Imperivm will be built only with our blood and bones as the mortar and bricks.

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