On the Unconquerable Will

The Will cannot be defeated, if it does not capitulate!
http://www.rightwingphilosophy.org has been getting an encouraging amount of hits lately in the Archives section, and the most popular by far has been this older essay: On Aryan Education for War. 
In that essay we used as our example the mighty legions of Rome – and who better to command instant credibility and familiarity? Yet, in spite of the fact that Rome’s pre-eminent position was WON in hard contest at the gladivs’ point, it can be easy to underestimate the real hardships endured securing these victories – so natural did these outstanding killers make their triumphs seem. And, after triumphing enough, the Roman military itself appeared so monolithic as to overshadow the very real challenges it faced.

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The Omnipresent Return

Ambitions are stated over a lifetime – they can only be backed up over generations

Time; how much time has passed since I have last sat down to the keyboard and written our esteemed and destiny-laden Readers!

Seasons have changed. Events have unfolded. To the eyes and ears of some, observing our small corner of the front in this war, the guns have seemed to fall silent – like so many that have fallen silent, or even turned on their own people. And yet, our Work was always an uncanny one more than solely physical.

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Needing Men of Action


It’s a strange feeling, being over a keyboard like this after so long. Where we had once produced essays at a rate of five to seven per week, we had dropped nearly off the face of the Earth, almost instantly, and for an extended period. Yet, while our presence online has been less felt in the immediate sense (the ripples still carry forward with ever increasing fervor!), it felt necessary to get more material plans in order. Continue reading “Needing Men of Action”

Discomfort and Progress

In Resilience, there is Beauty.

As a child, I spent numerous winters in the French Canadian wilderness. I remember the wind would blow so hard over the plains at night you could hear it whistling through the house, and the bones of the house cracked under the strain. I remember rushing outside to get the book I had left in the family van, a casual oversight remembered only after a few hours of our thirteen hour journey’s completion. The wind caught the storm door and near ripped it off the hinges, and when I stepped into the wind, it was so strong it blew my 80lbs body face first into the mounting snow. Continue reading “Discomfort and Progress”

The Fourteenth Precept


As we have already discussed, it is through the family unit in which one finds immortality, not as an individual. As we have already discussed, this family unit is woven together with other, similar family units, who come together to form a tribe, which comes together to form a single ethnocentric nation. In such a structure, the State and the People are so interwoven as to effectively be the same thing. Continue reading “The Fourteenth Precept”

Chivalry & Honour

“Blessèd are the defenceless, goy.” – the whole of the Jew Testament

And yet spiritual submission to the Jew Christ does not volunteer its ugly desert dæmon’s face to the clear and open light of truth. Just like the compulsion of the twisted demiurge’s chosen, whether greasy sandmite child-filmers or new-covenant pedopriests, for a pure and innocent “sheep without blemish” upon which to heap their own iniquity, the really disgusting inner spirit of this (((Virus))) lies only under a veneer of faux-virtue!

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Rotten to the Core

Nietzschean Festivities are Best Festivities

One of the most hilarious developments here in the last few months within this Aryan Resurgence is the systematic and brutal rejection of this poison infecting our souls. Seen for what it truly is, Aryans are opening their eyes to the self destructive, weakening, acidic nature of Christianity, and are rejecting it wholesale in favor of a spirituality that is entirely Aryan. Yet still, the Christian clings to the cliff edge with one hand, wanting a place in our glorious rebirth. “Jesus was Aryan, Goy!” screams the Christian. “Christianity’s traditions are European! Or at the least its universal, so it applies to everyone!” They’ll do anything they can to justify their cognitive dissonance. Entire websites have cropped up cataloging the worst. Continue reading “Rotten to the Core”

Organization, and “Doing Something”

To manifest, it must first be envisioned.

Let me tell you a story. A story about winning beyond all odds, about surviving an assault, and winning, outnumbered 25 to 1. Is it that incredible? Hmm. Perhaps, but not for the reason you might initially think. Sometimes, the question isn’t “How did you win outnumbered 25 to 1,” but “How did you lose, outnumbering the enemy 25 to 1?” As you may soon see, simply “doing something” is perhaps a complete surefire way to render you a statistic.
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Of the Bayonet & the E-Tool

A well-rounded skill set is essential to the military of a nation; a well-rounded youth is essential to the future of a nation

If the Rifle re-presents the modern combatant’s long arm and longer reach, the intellect and discipline with which to stake his claim upon Destiny – the Bayonet surely re-presents the cold and sharp cutting edge of the steely Will that must lie behind every (successful) Struggle for Victory. The Rifle is the mighty capability for engaging the opponent at great range and speed; the Bayonet is the bloody resolve to if necessary butcher the opponent in close and messy proximity. The Rifle is making the greatest use of the most efficient means for battlefield dominance; the Bayonet is the surrenderless Determination to, even when every other means is exhausted, wage War to the Knife rather than meekly, sheeply, accept defeat. Continue reading “Of the Bayonet & the E-Tool”