Upbringing, Part I

True Beauty is Ageless and Eternal

The boy listened quietly as his father sat beside him, two people among an entire audience gathered to hear a single teenage girl play the violin. Not a pin drop could be heard from the audience, as each flawlessly drawn note filled the concert hall with her soul. Continue reading “Upbringing, Part I”

The Family Unit and Ethnocentric Cooperation

Beaches are atomized, mountains are hierarchical. Where to build the castle and fortress?

On November 19th, 2017, Right Wing Philosophy will hold its first year anniversary in publication. As a gift to us, the gods have seen fit to give us our very first anarcho-capitalist comment. In true groaning Asperger’s fashion, a “taxation is theft” comment was made, and fell flat on its face before we could even see it. Although I think at this point anarcho-capitalism has been thoroughly discredited, I don’t mind retreading old ground in a different way in order to progress ideas we’re currently working on to the next level.
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Women and the True Right vs the (((Alt “Right”)))

Natural Law will never be sentimental.

The head admin of New European Reconquista got in touch with us recently about how irritated he was with so called “members” of the “right,” and their views towards women. He told us how in the country he’s in (Northwestern Europe), the “right wing men” were advocating “White Wahhabism” as a response to Feminism, as well as the usual beta male complaining about not finding a “trad wife.” The topic of conversation was so layered, and is something we have discussed so often, that I believe addressing this in a stand alone post is worth while.
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Esoteric Aryanism and the Empty Rites of Christianity

The Fire Rises

A common criticism of resurgent Aryan Spirituality by the Terminally Infected worshipers of the Christian Demiurge, is the lack of organization of Aryan Spirituality. “You have no rites of your own!” they claim. An interesting accusation to make, for a death cult which usurped Aryan rites to begin with and then promptly forgot their esoteric significance. Continue reading “Esoteric Aryanism and the Empty Rites of Christianity”

The State of Readiness

Sans (((Marx))), sans (((Messiah))), sans ((()))s – thus must Our Future be!

And so the twin spectres cast their shadows over Our People, taking on and casting off and taking on again the names, shapes, forms of whatever dastard dialectic serves the Enemy best. Perhaps between Marx the Jew and Mises the Jew. Perhaps between Moses the Jew and Jesus the Jew. And despite the fact that each projected image is only a shadow-puppet cast upon the paśus’ Platonic cave, the leering handiwork from either limb of the same (((Enemy))), – how quickly the compromised goyim rally to the Enemy illusion of their “choice”, be it (((Bolshevism))) or (((Bible))), (((Capital))) or (((Christ))). Continue reading “The State of Readiness”

The State of Things to Come

Published to Right Wing Philosophy V on Oct 22, 2017

The Orcs inside the gates

We know where we are now. We know about the level of infection, both from the Eternal Parasite, as well as the Spiritual Disease. We know about plummeting white birth rates and the explosion of African, Mestizo and Saracen birthrates, who, lacking any European intervention, would be unable to even feed themselves at their current populations. We’ve discussed the Infected Traitors among us. How our so-called “aristocracy” owes its allegiance to an alien race. And also… How it can be none other than the Folk’s fault.

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The State of Things Now

Nobody will save the world if it’s not worth saving

It’s always an humbling honor, talking with men who’ve reached the ages of 70, 80, 90, and 100. To hear stories of their children, and their children’s children, and to hear the pride in their voices, as they talk about their progeny, twice, sometimes three times descended, playing baseball; winning in gymnastics; earning scholarships. They will often speak of times now past: “Simpler times,” to hear them say it. “When men and women cared about each other, instead of throwing each other away.” “When we could solve our differences with a fight, instead of with bloodshed.” “When men were men.” And if you let them talk enough, you’ll hear them drift off and turn quiet, their eyes reflecting inward, remembering times long since past, and they’ll say…

“I don’t understand how things got this bad.”
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