Intro to Practical Aryan Spirituality Part II of IV – क्षत्रिय

It’s time to stop kidding yourself about what walking this path all the way really means

I. When I was a young man brand new to serious martial training in general and kajukembo in particular, one of the things that taught me the most was the contrast against other schools and methods. The hard-and-fast of this approach resulted in a pretty solid way of isolating what actually worked, in a way that ignorant isolation might never highlight – until too late.

There were numerous karate schools, ranging from strip mall daycare laughingstocks to seriously skilled fighters. There were MMA types, ranging from overweight and overconfident fad-chasers to very practical and savvy combatants. There was one kung fu school whose students seldom failed to challenge, impress, and often humble with their technique and dedication. And there were even lessons to be learnt from the taekwondo practitioners, those entitled-seeming kata-ballerinas whose tendency for kicking very high was only matched by their tendency for being knocked out very quickly.

Imagine, if you will, even a young and relatively inexperienced Vəhrka hearing the swaggering boasts of such a suspiciously unscarred kata-veteran, one just as young and clearly lacking both the real experience to boast of and the fighting spirit with which to gain worthwhile experience. This talker boasted of his approaching victory as he fidgeted with his clean and new-looking protective helmet; I shrugged and donned mine with the ease of practice. He tried to intimidate with his self-alleged skill as he flourished the longstaff and walked into the ring; I hadn’t an ounce of training with this tool but our training threw us into situations in which to recognize essential principles of combat and thrive in surprises.

When I walked into that ring, though, and this pretender’s charade was met with the look in my eyes that said I would close the distance and fight to my utmost, this talker stopped talking. It soon became apparent why. In spite of the higher-level belt that his school seemed to issue as liberally as the Air Force issues medals, in spite of the immaculately pressed gi completely free of bloodstains, in spite of all his posturing and out-of-the-ring bravado – this guy was mortally afraid of being hit.

Every time I moved, he flinched. Every time I stepped forward, he shrank back. Every time I so much as thought about striking his face, he dropped everything to try defending there.

Naturally, this was exactly where I pressed in most relentlessly.

Striking at the head, moving away only to strike the head again, always threatening the head, every movement of my staff either connecting or being blocked in a panic over pain thus far imaginary, this but-lately-brave combatant had zero initiative in the course of this match – because of his fear.

His ‘teacher’ did him a great disservice, because he was so unused to an actual opponent that he kept exclaiming that I was hitting “too hard” and that I was “crazy” for actually being a danger to this braggart. Like someone drowning, he looked for rescue instead of resolving to fight even to defeat. And I did not even have to defeat him. This person surrendered the match.

Everyone else was just as stunned as I was – perhaps more so through greater experience of fighting – because this turned out to have all taken place in less than sixty seconds. This “fighter” had not suffered any genuinely serious injury, had not hit me more than an accidental glance, and had not even tried! He was simply too scared of being hit. At this point in my fledgling career I didn’t even know whether I could truly count such an encounter as a real victory! But the lesson of my almost-one-minute opponent’s before-he-even-started defeat has stayed with me from then on.

II. Truly, there is no fear half so crippling as the fear of the unknown.

And in walking the warrior’s path, one cannot be afraid of strife! Or injury! Or death! If the thought of any of these things can still make you freeze up (and thus, almost certainly be injured or killed), you have not been initiated properly as a warrior and it is imperative that you remove this fear of the unknown. Do not mistake me: fear will, as far as my own experience can say, never truly go away. But you can ensure that it is not the worst fear: fear of the unknown.

It all begins with the essential bedrock of the warrior education: growing inured to hardship. To-day’s lesson begins thus:

III. In your place of meditation, sit down with a straight back and Aryan posture. Consider sitting somewhere dark and/or uncomfortable enough to engage the purposeful will, just this side of ‘too much’ for your present self. Clear yourself of other concerns and relax your muscles and your mind, as in the last exercise – but this time you are not visualizing flames or light. For this purpose, a strengthening of the warrior resolve, you will be ‘alone and unafraid’.

As you regulate your breathing and enter the familiar meditative trance, observe dispassionately your surroundings, calmly and without breaking your poise. Perhaps you are conducting this meditation in absence of physical light, and are becoming highly aware of the tangible presence of darkness all around and in close contact. Maybe you are outside in the Northern Hemisphere, and it’s the cold you are confronted with most – pressing in testing the vitality of your body and the spirit within. Or perhaps you are out of doors in warmer climes, maintaining focus and clarity through the oppressive heat while it seems as though you’ll sweat yourself into a coma! It doesn’t matter.

If you are finding the inner equilibrium that an accomplished warrior must rely upon after the emotions and adrenaline are all spent and the most horrible fatigues of war descend to overwhelm even the strong – you will come to a point where your hyper-awareness of your striving surroundings only emphasizes the awareness of a more solid, more strong and steady inner spiritual kernel of Self than you may have before appreciated. Like an at-first small but clear and pure flame, there is an aspect of yourself that is not only essentially invulnerable to physical harm – but grows more sharply defined in relation to strife.

Feed this Inner Flame with your mental attention, at the same time tempering and refining it by increasing the ‘pressure’ of the outside forces to strive against. Your superficially-uncomfortable surroundings are, I must say – easy shit.

Now envision in your mind’s eye the kind of war you had better know has to happen if you intend for the Aryan Spirit to assert itself again in driving this Our Earth towards Our Destiny. If you have not personally experienced war and this has to be an effort of the imagination, at the very least prepare for this meditation by visiting a butcher-shop in operation – you can tell them you promised to at least see a butchering before enlisting in the military. Take in the sights, sounds, smells. Understand that this butchering is done as humanely and cleanly and quickly as possible.

In your meditation, walk yourself through the experiences of all the ways in which death might visit you. Heroically, fighting to the utmost but having your body shot full of holes and having to lie listening to others deciding fate until you’ve lost too much blood for even that. Caught in near-catatonia from not having slept in three weeks, dragged to a makeshift gallows by leering subhumans who will desecrate your body before and after death. In a sudden explosion from a distant shell with little to no warning, blasted apart too quickly to even understand how you’ve been buried half-alive in rubble for the minutes or hours still left. Understand through visceral empathy what fighting this Enemy World-Order really means you are risking, and rather than scoff that these happen to ‘other people’: ‘live through it’, in this meditation!

Now – it is vitally important that this not become morbid wallowing! This is to be an Aryan initiation, not a Christian liturgy. What you must do throughout this exercise is remain aware but dispassionate and even as you engage fully with the realization of physical mutilation and death – continue tending the Inner Flame that remains presently animating but separate in identity from the bodily corpvs.

Now you will ‘light the gateway of flame’ as in the last ritual – from your own Inner Flame. See and feel the fire burning clean and bright, and have near at hand something to write on, a pen/pencil or means of drawing blood, some sort of basin filled with flammable liquid such as pure grain alcohol, and a method of striking physical flame.

Place the bowl filled with fuel between the invisible fires, in the gateway, and on the paper write your name as binding yourself in oath as an Aryan warrior. Superimpose over this some appropriate symbol of meaning and power. Svástika, Sonnenrad, or something else – gaze at the drawn symbol and understand that your will is empowering it as something that will travel through the gateway. Solidify its purpose in your mind, of charging your life with the potency and duty of Aryan warriorhood, of swearing fidelity to the powers of the Aryan Spirit – and as this begins to take effect you will likely notice a curious optical illusion of the symbol’s lines glowing, disappearing, reappearing, ‘floating’ off the paper. You are ready to send this through the gate, with one final push.

Out loud, binding your body and soul as a holy warrior, swear your life and death to uphold the Aryan Destiny and affirm that you will under any and all circumstances live and when necessary die with Aryan Honour, compromising on no account because you have begun to stoke your Inner Flame against fear already. Your oath sworn and your honour bound, light the paper and deposit it into the bowl in the gateway. As the blaze rises, see it mirroring your own growing strength and resolve, and with your guiding will ‘push’ this oath and destiny through the gate to greet your ancestors and gods!

Continue to hold silent vigil until the pyre in the bowl dies away; treat it as your own solitary funeral, just in case you never get a real one. When it is done, affirm that It Is Done verbally, extinguish the flames of the gateway.

Arise, of changed nature and unveiled purpose. In this ritual, the world stood still while you sat at the gateway Beyond. Now, the world waits for you to make your mark!


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