Rotten to the Core

Nietzschean Festivities are Best Festivities

One of the most hilarious developments here in the last few months within this Aryan Resurgence is the systematic and brutal rejection of this poison infecting our souls. Seen for what it truly is, Aryans are opening their eyes to the self destructive, weakening, acidic nature of Christianity, and are rejecting it wholesale in favor of a spirituality that is entirely Aryan. Yet still, the Christian clings to the cliff edge with one hand, wanting a place in our glorious rebirth. “Jesus was Aryan, Goy!” screams the Christian. “Christianity’s traditions are European! Or at the least its universal, so it applies to everyone!” They’ll do anything they can to justify their cognitive dissonance. Entire websites have cropped up cataloging the worst.

“Even though Mary was a Jew, God impregnated her, so its his power, Mary was just the vessel!”
“G A E L I C . H E B R E W . T H E . S A C E R D O T A L . D I A L E C T”
And my favorite, “Jesus was a Parthian Scythian from the Balkans, probably from Bulgaria, which, oddly enough, is exactly where I come from. If you disagree with me you’re kosherized, Goy.”

Like all doctrines based on lies, these so-called “allies” of the Far Right will just as soon sell an Aryan up the river if it means burying the Truth even more. Found among themselves, they quickly change their tune from “L-let’s be allies, Goy! Don’t be Divide and Conquer Pagans!” to “After we take care of the Saracens and Leftists, we can just take care of the heretics, too!” Hel, they even throw their own sects under the bus. “Don’t listen to the Catholics, Goy, they’re subverted! You have to be a Sedevacantist Orthodox Positive Christian!” They’ll quote public speeches of Hitler, some may even reference Savitri Devi referring to Jesus as a Man Above Time and Saul the Jew as a traitor to that, anything they can wrap their slimy tentacles around, to cling on just a little bit longer, or at the least, pull away a piece of Aryan Foundation when we are finally rid of them, their insidious ideology plunging into the icy waters below.

Yet the poison doesn’t begin with Saul the Jew. For that matter, it doesn’t even begin with Jesus, though this is where most Christians’ knowledge begins. This story begins with a Jewish demon named Azazel and the sacrifices made to it.

Azazel (whose name means Ruggedness of (((God))), associated with mountains thereby, but with a double meaning of Arrogance of (((God))) ), if the apocryphal stories are to be studied (and really, what is an apocryphal story but one the Accepted™ Doctrine doesn’t like?), first earned notoriety when he refused to submit to Adam the Jew when Yahweh formed it from the dust. “Why should I, a being of Fire, serve you, a being of Clay?” For this arrogance, Yahweh supposedly had Raphael bind Azazel to cast him into the darkness (literally inside a mountain). Afterwards, Yahweh told his Jew followers to “ascribe to Azazel all sin.”

And so, they did! Thereafter, when a ritual animal sacrifice was made to Yahweh, an additional sacrifice was made to Azazel. The Jew would kick and pound and curse at the goat to be sent out into the mountain for Azazel. They would heap upon this goat every sin they had committed and ascribe it to Azazel, in order so they could remain blameless. Yet, this wasn’t good enough. The Jew required permanent absolution of their sins, and so began prophesying a so-called “chosen one” who will take their sins for them. It is interesting to point out how the Jew treats prophecy in general, as well. Where the Aryan enters ecstatic states to receive visions of a possible future, the Jew, lacking actual internal spiritual power instead lies about “signs” to be seen when events are to come to pass, then uses those “signs” to signal to other Jews that they’re all working towards a goal. For an example of this, observe how the Jews kvetched over the number 6,000,000 repeatedly throughout history as a way to signal a push for Zionism.

This “fulfillment” of Mosaic Law was exactly this: Yeshua the Nazarene was to be a permanent scapegoat for the Jew, assuming you believe it actually existed. I, for one, believe it to be a complete propaganda. Any “fulfillment” of any “prophecies” were ones of wholly Jewish manufacture, regardless of the Jew rejecting it, accepting it, ignoring it, loving it, or hating it.

It is additionally interesting to point out how Christians, ever the dupes of the Jew, continually perform the Jew’s dirty work for them, leaving their hands blameless. Way to go, Christians. To you, they ascribe their sin. How they kick and curse you, O Sheep, and send you off into the wilderness to die, covered in their sins. Go fight the Saracen for us, Goy. Kill the Germans, Goy. Forward, March!

It doesn’t matter what Saul the Jew may have corrupted from this original teachings, this is wholly Jewish to its core.

We invite you, on this day especially, to consider that you are celebrating a millennia old festival of the Birth of the Sun. Your scapegoat has no place under any tree, save nailed to one like all proto-communist dissidents should be.

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4 Replies to “Rotten to the Core”

  1. Positive Christianity was only developed by Rosenberg, Hitler, and the like as a way for the NSDAP to ease the Christianized German people into a more fulfilling Germanic/Aryan spirituality. Most mainstream Christian churches (including the Catholic and Orthodox churches) have rejected the concepts put forth by Positive Christianity, and some have even labelled it as a “heresy”.

    Ironic, these “TRVE” Christians call out others for being heretics, yet they themselves would be considered heretics by the very religion they cling to.

  2. Love it. Was reading this this very morning in ‘Secret Teachings of All Ages’ about the jew’s habit of heaping blame and sins upon the sacrificial goat then killing it.

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