The Omnipresent Return

Ambitions are stated over a lifetime – they can only be backed up over generations

Time; how much time has passed since I have last sat down to the keyboard and written our esteemed and destiny-laden Readers!

Seasons have changed. Events have unfolded. To the eyes and ears of some, observing our small corner of the front in this war, the guns have seemed to fall silent – like so many that have fallen silent, or even turned on their own people. And yet, our Work was always an uncanny one more than solely physical.

How far from absent we have really been, ghostlike silence and all! How we have watched you and your superhuman potential, in our long silence that was neither sleep nor death but only masked wandering far and wide committing to the actions justifying our words.

We have seen your familiar names and faces even when your online names and faces have changed much like our own, and we have been so proud of our unknowing comrades. We have seen the ones not parrotting ours or anyone else’s bald rhetoric, but learning and growing and reasoning and resolving for themselves in our absence of overt presence.

We have seen the ones maintaining the same highest standards we first determined to show were both possible and necessary, and we have seen you more than holding your own against the weak wills and faltering traitors who were only ever looking for something to be Aryan, master, over them.

We have seen the ones who have reached out to new comrades in turn, showing the continuity of the Pure Ideal and conquering the great loneliness that threatens to see only the filthy and the cowardly all around.

We have become acquainted with some of you without your knowledge, and the very cleverest and most diligent have sought and found us and joined our most secret efforts!

That these efforts have been ongoing will only become more apparent as the great momentum of this awakening Aryan Current grows ever more powerfully pronounced. Not just in our own often-thinly-disguised side projects, but in so many others to spring up without our causal direction or support – as the alchemist told his pupil a long time ago:

“No matter how isolated you are and how lonely you feel, if you do your work truly and conscientiously, unknown friends will come and seek you.”

That those lacking the Aryan Spirit will scoff their way back from spiritual fulness – and into the spiritual castration or circumcision of enemy materialism or enemy worship – should only strengthen in us the resolve to continue our Aryan Quest for higher and higher development and realization. And let the lazy and cowardly not be suffered to snark that this is ‘not serious’ or ‘not work’. This is the Work, and its Truth is shown in all physical manifestation flowing from its mastery.

It is from this Work, that all of the most serious work can likewise be most victoriously undertaken. It is Our Striving. Our Calling. Our Destiny.

Not to stunt and atrophy along the channels permitted us by an anti-Aryan world-order – but to evolve! To struggle! To ascend!

For those of you who remember our project here at Right Wing Philosophy, we are proud and happy to discourse again with your hardening eyes and steadying hands that can save the world. For those of you who are new and have found us because your heart has grown ready to do so, we encourage you: be courageous, prize Honour As Loyalty, and grow stronger and wiser with us as we pursue the ancient Aryan potential of the राजर्षि, the Philosopher-King, the Higher Man.

We have not burned out, we have not moved on, we have not spoken of that which we have not done or even read. We are the old hands, we are tested, and we have tested.

We are back, noble Readers, and there is so much that we have to share in this timing, about what is necessary and how it can be achieved. And what’s better? Far more of you are now ready than either we or our enemy would have ever dared believe.

To Victory!

  • Vehrka

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