The Thirteenth Precept

No matter how real the illusion initially seems, what is false will always fade to what it always was: nothing.

“Israel is our greatest ally. They’re the only democracy in the Middle East.”
“> Israel is a Democracy, not a Jewish state”
“> Democracy is a good thing.”
“Hispanics make natural conservatives.”
“Christianity is the only bulwark against immigration.”
“You shouldn’t alienate Christians because they’re such a large number of people.”
“Conservative homosexuals are natural allies.”
“Allowing some degeneracy to widen the tent will increase our numbers.”
“> Numbers are important”
“What’s the problem with birth control?”
“We should be vaccinating the Third World.”
“We should be feeding the Third World.”

I could go on and on with these canards so-called “conservatives” fall victim to every day, and don’t have the sense to properly question. Once confronted properly, none of these arguments hold anything more than the attention of the idiots who listen to Rush Limbaugh (he’s still a thing, right?). We have gotten to the point we’re at now precisely because of these false assumptions with no truth to them. We’re at this point because our fathers, our grandfathers, and this generation fall prey to logical idiocies like this.

The fact is, this ideology must survive the acid test of every single one of its adherents, and that is precisely what sets us apart and above the rest of the political rabble on the field. Reading the books will provide you with nothing, if you can’t dissect a Hoppe, a Codreanu, a Hitler, an Evola, a Devi, a Rosenberg, and pull out what is useful while discarding the rest. And yes, they all made mistakes, some far greater than others, and with more serious consequences. This, more than anything else, is what separates the True Right, grounded in Natural Law and Spiritual Truth, from everything else.

We don’t want you to blindly follow our words or our example. Fanaticism for an “other” disappears the moment that “other” does. Look to Yugoslavia as your example of this. After the death of Tito in 1980, Yugoslavia would see over a dozen Presidents before the nation would fragment into six separate nations. Without the man to hold them together, their nation then broke apart and gave us a now-famous word, “Balkanization,” to describe a breaking down of a nation into smaller, largely hostile nations. Too bad hating your neighbors isn’t an Olympic sport.

With no real understanding of what is Important and what is True, what will you do with your “far right” politics in five years? In ten years? Once you have graduated University, and gotten off Socialist Media to start a family? You think you’ll hang a big Black Sun over your son Heinrich’s crib? A picture of Pepe the Frog as your phone wallpaper? Or, more likely, you’ll gas out and tell your grandchildren about how you were once involved in fringe politics. Then you’ll understand why it’s important, when you’re 70, ineffectual, and hoping they won’t make the same mistake, not pushing to make what never happened, happen. Or maybe you won’t even go that far. Maybe, at thirty, you’ll just call it a “phase” of your life. Never truly understanding what was being fought for, you’d probably be right.

Yet, to subject such ideology to an acid test, to analyze it critically and think through the results of your actions and policies, is to commit such behavior and ideology to heart. You understand its importance, and you no longer need books or websites to tell you the correct view, nor will you fall prey to the Accepted™ position, or the Controlled Opposition™ alternative. Aryans have suffered long enough at the hands of these intellectually vacuous arguments, which have compromised our race, our positions, our strength, and every measure of our ability to act upon the world.

This is the first step towards reclaiming our Noble birthright, and it’s a war that must first be waged within the soul of every Aryan. Never accept anything at face value. Set it on fire and see what Untruth burns away, then apply that knowledge.

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