Women and the True Right vs the (((Alt “Right”)))

Natural Law will never be sentimental.

The head admin of New European Reconquista got in touch with us recently about how irritated he was with so called “members” of the “right,” and their views towards women. He told us how in the country he’s in (Northwestern Europe), the “right wing men” were advocating “White Wahhabism” as a response to Feminism, as well as the usual beta male complaining about not finding a “trad wife.” The topic of conversation was so layered, and is something we have discussed so often, that I believe addressing this in a stand alone post is worth while.

Let’s start here. A woman bears children. This puts a tremendous burden on her body and puts her out of commission for at least half the pregnancy, and for months after, when the child is solely fed from her. This burden lessens as the child matures past the toddler phase, but for those four or five years minimum (realistically longer), any pregnancy is going to leave her needing someone else to gather resources while she distributes them to herself, her children, and husband.

This forced dependence necessitates seeking a mate who can do two things: Protect her from two and four legged predators, and provide her with resources so she can focus on caring for her children. This translates almost directly to desiring a strong, wealthy man who can provide the maximum protection and the most resources to produce lots of viable offspring.

Let us now contrast this with a man’s imperative. As previously stated, pregnancy, child bearing, and raising children is severely damaging to a woman’s body. It then is in a man’s best interest to find a partner as young and healthy as possible, and showing all signs of such. Long hair, clear skin, fit body, all of these show signs of long term health and fertility. Large hips indicate less dangerous childbirth.

These are perfectly natural imperatives, and have guided us for millenia. Being angry at the opposite sex for desiring those qualities is ludicrous. The Feminist idea that men objectify women completely misses the point. A morbidly obese woman with pitted skin and tangled hair shows illness and disease, and possibly even genetic problems, and a man would be foolish to choose her as a mate if better options were available. Just the same, shaming women for desiring alpha males with large bank accounts is ludicrous as well. Should she instead select a mate with no job and no prospects to have her children with? Such a man can’t even feed himself! What would he do with two, three, or more mouths to feed?

No, the problem isn’t in the imperative itself, but in the perversion of it.

Until the 1960’s, this imperative always had the implicit ending of having children. The advent of birth control, this imperative shifted from having children, to having sex. This automatically turned women from mothers into whores, and a man from a pater familias into a bank account. Lacking Higher Principles and a purpose to sacrifice oneself for, relationships degenerated to whoring oneself out to sugar daddies.

And to the outraged reaction the activists have demonstrated towards this debasement and profaning of the perpetuation of Sacred Aryan Fire, we say, YOU SHOULD BE ANGRY! (It is worth noting at this point, that the combined oral contraceptive pill that created this disgusting so-called “sexual revolution” was created by none other than Gregory Goodwin Pincus the Jew. Hello, IWMP)

Yet what is the answer from those activists so enraged? Is it to return to Tradition? To restore their Sacred Purpose as Mother and Provider? Or do they instead manufacture delusional ideas like “stare rape” and – our personal favorite – “White Sharia?” Leave it to the Kali Yuga to create dysgenic modernists who demand of others what they don’t have the strength to do themselves!

Yet, what of a Traditionalist man looking for a Traditionalist woman? I phrase it like this because, quite honestly, men dominate the Far Right by about 20:1. Any admin of a Far Right page will tell you the metrics of men to women who like their page is about 93-97% men. A woman looking for a Far Right man need not look nearly as far as vice versa. So while women face their unique challenges regarding courtship within the Far Right, the act of finding a man who won’t balk when you say “Hitler was a moderate” is not one of them.

First, to attract quality, one must be quality. A quality man or woman will sniff through a fake traditionalist degenerate faster than you can say “It didn’t happen, but it should have.”

That being said, there’s a fact that most people still haven’t realized. You’re probably not going to find a woman who shares your love for the Third Reich, save perhaps for the 1934 Hugo Boss collection (and really, who doesn’t love that?). Overall, women just aren’t interested in matters of the health and security of the State. That is, and will always be a man’s domain, for, as previously mentioned, men acquire resources and protect the tribe; expressed nationally, that’s the financial health of the nation, and national security. Generally, women will always be first concerned with resource distribution and establishing tribal bonds: Expressed within the family, she ensures everyone is cared for, healthy and whole, and she acts as the mortar bindings of the community. It is the woman who attends the PTA meetings and harasses the city about broken street lights. Politically, women’s interests cut counter to the health and security of the State. Do not force a woman to address issues that fall into your purview, as such is counter to Natural Law.

How to enlighten your new lovely lady who has already expressed distaste for the modern world? I will tell you what I did. I pointed out all the ways women have suffered at the hands of the Judenkino. Judenmusik. Judenpresse. What community does she want for her children? One with all the disgusting trappings of degeneracy? Or one Judenfrei? One with good instincts, who will make a good mother, will reach the right conclusions.

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