There’s much talk everywhere right now of Afghaunistan, and the last thing we intend for this project is the circulation of passive commentary on the ephemeral instead of the eternal. What we do wish to draw attention to with the example of this débâcle is something much more relevant to our own affairs, a timeless principle which can be observed in the phenomenal-world.

Are you ready? It’s simple:


This is of course a great weakness of ‘democracies’, but no matter the leadership: if the leader does not possess a clear vision of clear goals then there can be no victory. ‘Treading water’ is not a victory, neither is ‘continuing the fight’. As we’ve said before: one must have a goal.

To provide Ordre where there is none satisfactory, to demonstrate Truth when it’s more and more becoming Time: here are the Aryans’ goals, in alignment with Aryan Tradition. These are not an enemy-abetting operational leak: they are principles that naturally develope into working methods in accordance with Natural Law. They are not a ‘constitution’: they are a methodical ordring of Folk life as deeds that reawaken the Folk’s own good sense of right and strength. They are still further from being ‘wishful thinking’ for ‘a better time later’: they can be transfigured from words straight into deeds by the true and the bold, on and up in scale from the individual to the entirety of the Aryan People. And by their being put into practice at all, they more and more CREATE the future of Total Aryan Victory.

I. We Aryans are a unique People with a unique Destiny: there is no one in all the history of this Earth quite like Us, and precious few who are at all prepared to understand Us as We are in our Fullest Unfolding towards this Destiny. Whilst We welcome any genuine allies and peers, We also understand that no one should care more for Our People than do We Ourselves, and just as truly We Ourselves should care for no one more than for Our People. The Duty of true Aryans is to guide the Indo-Europeans back to the Truth of their own forgotten Nature and Purpose; to refine the Folk into Aryans worthy of being welded into a greater Imperivm; to stoke and harness Our Divine Fire to illuminate and shape infinite future worlds after the pattern of the Aryan divinities of Wisdom, Power, and Beauty.

II. To repeat poisonous lies such as “democracy”, “equality”, “diversity” – fly completely in the face of everything that it means to be an Aryan. We revere Wisdom, Power, Beauty – and honour those of Our People who best exemplify these Virtues, thereby showing themselves best qualified to Lead. This is an acknowledgement of differentiation, and of Hierarchy: the better to Ordre the Folk into higher and higher cultivation of Our latent Divinity.

III. We Aryans understand that the Spiritual must direct the Physical rather than the reverse; and that the Physical must be fortified like a beachhead in order for the Spiritual to do its metamorphizing work. This organic relationship is like to that between Blood and Soil, and We can realize in the taking and shaping of Land the understanding and the strengthening that We will need to wield in expanding further horizons.

IV. Our Lands are for Our People: the plants and animals safeguarded as part of the Land, the Folk as both caretakers and beneficiaries of the Land. Any others might be suffered if good guests, but are not of the Folk and do not have “rights” to the Land or its bounty. Even honoured guests shall not displace the rightful heirs, and enemies are “owed” no “rights” at all save what honourable conduct might earn them.

V. “Naturalization” strikes Us as yet another odd word, one about which there is nothing very natural at all. The only real result in Nature is one form or another of colonization – to which a healthy People will not allow itself to be made subject. A group in need of a home must needs win one, and We “owe” no favoured “refugee” status to any who would rather colonize Our Lands than fight for their own.

VI. The genuine right – but more importantly, the genuine duty – of the Folk is to re-present itself in Council of those heads of household (which duty in certain exigencies of events is fulfilled by Our People’s capable women but most naturally and ideally by upstanding men) known as true exemplars of Aryan Virtue in Wisdom, Power, and Beauty. The natural leaders of the Folk are accorded the honour and obedience which they daily merit, and positions of responsibility to the Folk’s Community are filled by those of requisite personal qualities as well as personal qualifications.

VII. The first duty of the Folk’s Community, be it on the scale of Assembly, Nation, or Imperivm, must be to the Folk: to the Race. Ideological, mercantile, superstitious, or whatever manner of worldview placing the petty individual or any other bizarre icon before the health and Destiny of the Race shall have no shelter within the Folk’s Community. The Aryan State exists as the Folk, and it exists for the Folk! To be noted: this should not be confused with an indulgence for whatever any unguided individuals or petty-groups within the Folk want or whim on their own when neglected. As with the Pater Familiás to the Familia, so with the Pater Patriae to the Patria: the Leadership is there to lead, and to sharpen to the fullest Potential. To forge links in a chain of racial Destiny.

VIII. This first duty of the Folk’s Community is most efficaciously asserted by tending to Our Lands, the sacred object of the bond of Blood to Soil, and assuring that they remain as patrimony to the posterity of Our People. Our Lands are merited by the health and nobility of Our People, led to live the words and deeds of Aryans. When the Folk labour under no more foreign delusions of “equality” or “diversity” or “guilt” foisted by traitors from handlers outside – they will then tolerate no more infestation of foreign colonies/ideologies/parasitisms, foreign handlers of subversives, or traitors to the Folk.

IX. The Council (or any Aryan Leader for that matter) shall always be held to standard, in word and in deed, in their genuine Love of the Folk. NO other foundation is worthy in legitimating the fateful aspirations of the Leader, the political actions of the Council, or indeed the trust and loyalty of the Folk!

X. Our Folk, Our Race, is not – as materialist swindlers would sell the idea – “skin deep”. There is within the Aryan understanding no concept of entitlement to any anti-evolutionary idea of “rights” by mere virtue of existing as a result of others’ efforts. Amongst Our Folk, rights are synonymous with duties: he who does not pull his weight and contribute is not one of Us (whatever may be their wasted birth and blood), and is owed nothing by the Aryans, least of all a place amongst the Folk.

XI. Loving the Folk and hating the would-be parasites sees every Aryan as the implacable enemy of dishonest rackets that vampyrize the very Life and Spirit of the People. In removing self-entitled colonies of foreigners, the rackets of “reparations”, “affirmative action”, and their ilk are already cut out of the healthy Folk’s body. In removing the rackets of “debt and interest”, “sin and salvation”, and their ilk, the Folk will have the parasites and manipulators of two thousand years cleansed from the cleared mind and the noble soul.

XII. As the economic life of the Folk does not exist for the enrichment of foreign or traitor parasites, neither does the Folk’s recourse to war. War is engaged in for the sake of the Folk and any honourable allies, never in order to expend Our Blood for some parasite’s vulturous enrichment.

XIII. Between the economy and the Blood of the Folk, Our People’s Blood is by far the more precious of the two. Our Folk, who are Our Blood as lives of Our Lands, will never be subordinated in value to any merely economic concerns, profit margins, or any other excuse of such patently parasitical origin.

XIV. No Aryan Leader shall enjoy any priviledge exceeding their generosity and service to the Folk. When the Folk makes sacrifices, the Leaders exemplify the effort.

XV. As the Leaders see to the well-being of the Folk at large, the care of the Folk’s Elders in advanced age is not only the responsibility of the individual Family but of the whole Folk’s Community. The Elders’ Wisdom is not the least of their gifts to the Folk, and it is Our Duty to duly honour them.

XVI. The Folk’s Community is charged with pursuing that independence and self-sufficiency of means from which all genuine freedom in the physical domain derives. There is no genuine Need of Folk, Family, or Elders which should be unmet by the Folk’s own resources and production. This initiative on its own will in large part serve to diminish the imbalanced dealings, unjust wars, and other maliciously engineered scourges of the Folk’s recent history.

XVII. In embodying this freedom in pursuit of Potential, the Families shall not be hindered or taxed in any way from their relationship to their Land, so long as they and their Lands remain dedicated in responsibility and service to the Folk. The parasites are not to be eradicated only in order to be supplanted by followers after their crimes.

XVIII. The most humane “right” extended by the Folk to the would-be parasites is the right to a quick and clean death. This is properly an extension of the Folk’s own aspirations to nobility and virtue, as nothing good is “owed” to parasites and enemies of the Folk!

XIX. The only legitimate law within the Folk’s Lands is the Folk’s Law: all within the Folk’s Lands, Folk and guests alike, are subject to the Folk’s Law. Any rights, protections, or priviledges within the Folk’s Law apply only to those of that Folk.

XX. As the Elders are at once amongst the Folk’s greatest duties and greatest treasures, so are the Youth even moreso. As the Blood of Our Folk has been declared of immeasurably greater worth than any merely economic concerns, no expense or sacrifice is to be spared in cultivating within Our Youth the highest of standards in education, skill, and character. The Elders are precious in what they bring from Our Past, and the Youth are precious in what they bring into Our Future.

XXI. The Folk’s Leaders shall render all artful aid to stoking the creative fire of Fertility within Our People. The economy of the Folk’s Community is answerable to the genuine Need of the Folk for plentiful offspring of quality. Great Mothers are Heroes of the Folk, no less so than Great Warriors. The Struggle is the same – of the same, for the same Folk.

XXII. The Struggle of the Folk reaches higher and higher, from Nature on through History and thus on to Destiny. The Struggle for Life, the Struggle for Victory, the Struggle for Meaning. Every Man and Woman of the Folk a Warrior or Mother in the Folk’s Struggle, every Elder a Veteran of the Folk’s Struggle, every Youth an aspiring Hero of the Folk’s Struggle. Military or motherly training and service is the rite of passage for admission amongst the Folk as Man or Woman in right and in truth; the duty upon which all rights rightly depend.

XXIII. Our People will never reclaim their Destiny so long as they remain bewildered and demoralized by destructive lies. The use of falsehoods as a weapon against Our Folk will be treated in exactly the same manner as any other crime using any other weapon against them. This goes for hostile intrusions via economic schemes, subversive ideologies, corrosive superstitions, lying press, or any other weaponized deceit.

XXIV. To this end, the Indo-European Peoples shall finally have again THEIR Lands and THEIR Gods at THEIR Service and vice versa. Aryan Religion shall purify and refine a once-again Aryan People. No more materialist, jahwist, or other LIES will ever again be permitted to pollute the Nature, Victory, or Destiny of the Aryan Folk!

XXV. To all these ends, the Leaders and Councils of the Folk shall stand Together as the Folk shall be led by example to stand Together, united as Assemblies, then as Nations, and finally as Imperivm – in an Aryan Renaissance, for the glory of the Aryan Destiny, and against any and all who would show their worth and motives by assailing this glorious Aryan Folk!

卍 RWP Council ‘Fólksfaring’卐