The Aryan Folk

A Tale of Divine Twins

Except for the far-ranging Tocharians, the convenient classification of Western and Eastern Aryans can be appreciated in the spread of ‘Centvm’ (blue) and ‘Satəm’ (red) languages

You can find it as a recurring theme in some of our most widely distant tribes: Κάστωρ and Πολυδεύκης, नासत्य and दस्र, Hengist and Horsa. An archetype of closeness to the Divine, of Quest for excellence, and of Brotherhood daring all. And like the recurring mythic theme of the Divine Twins, so too the story of our Aryan Tribes is the story of two Divine Lineages known in genetic studies as the paternal haplogroups R1a and R1b. It is in the hereditary grail of our sacred genes that we may find and fill our Blood and Spirit with the rejuvenation of the Aryan Soul.

Here you can find our ongoing efforts to record, preserve, and inspire the tales and legacies of Our Peoples’ varied Aryan Tribes. From tribal specificities to the overall pattern relayed of what it means to be Aryan, this ambitious project remains in a constant state of construction and perfection.

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A Relevant Essay – On Brother Wars

Persian and Hellene – Aryan Blood of East and West

We hear so often, amongst those finally beginning to understand world events racially: No More Brother Wars. It’s become a de rigeur expression of online-activism to share poignant pictures of Enemy-manipulated conflicts such as the recent World Wars and mouth words of not being tricked into any more engineered conflicts of kindred tribe against tribe.

But all too often the young fighter-with-virtuous-catchphrases does not truly know who they are – or are supposed to be – beyond the inherited lines on a map of Europe, so many petrifications of a vulgar nationalism originally instigated by the Christ-bringing Enemy to capitalize on the poisoned wound in our former Imperivm.

To so great an extent has this well-meaning but ill-informed state become typical in to-day’s aspiring ‘Right’, that I wish tonight to tell of an ancient and tragic brother war – and one that many an ignorant European does not even see as a brother war!

I speak of the storied conflict between Hellene and Persian some 2500 years before us, when distant-but-kindred tribe fought estranged tribe in a pointless conflagration of Enemy design.

On the one side, we have the proudly independent polities of Hellas, defending their lands from numberless invaders with great tenacity. The modern western assumption is of these Aryans as fighting “for democracy” (even though the sole contemporary “democracy” involved leaders of the demoi or constituent bloodlines); or as demonstrating the strength of cohesion against ‘the disjointed forces of empire’ (even though not since the Trojan War had the Greeks taken a break from petty squabbling to amount to anything decisive); or even as “fighting off the brown hordes” (even though genetically, culturally, linguistically, and for a time spiritually the Hellenes and Persians stemmed from the same Aryan forebears and had only superficially diverged over time and space).

On the other side, the Persians could lay claim to an even longer-recorded Aryan history and pedigree, a foil to the provincial Greeks in the form of a thriving and far-reaching horseback culture, and until recently a particularly pristine cultivation of Aryan religion.

This is twice now that I’ve said “for a time” or “until recently”. What I mean is that 40 years prior to this war, an ancient and world-hungry Evil was released from Babylon.

To the captive Jew, the arrival of Cyrus the Good Goy was a demiurge-send. The Parasite was freed to work again, and the new conqueror knew nothing of Semitic culture-poisoners! The Medes were a conservative, rustic people more accustomed to hunting with bows than administering bureaucracies, and the oily Jew was quick to insinuate itself as both familiar with the new lands and no friend to any but Cyrus, who incidentally got his own favourable mention in the Jew Bible. Corrupting chameleons soon infested the Persian imperial administration and advisory services to a degree not seen again in the world until the British Empire.

And what did this Enemy of the Aryan Peoples see as most vital to corrupt and undermine, what part of Our Identity that truly constitutes an Aryan was its target? Was it “whiteness”? What about “language”? Or – was it our Aryan Spirituality?

The new Zoroastrian cult happened to have the hog’s share of cohencidental compatibilities with the Enemy’s ambitions. Suddenly the devas were dæmonized as daevas, Aryaman as Ahriman, the Aryan traditionalists as heretical idolaters; those in orthodoxy with the new perversion were extolled as fighters for the “good” demiurge of illusory-light against the “evil” of the Black Sun; messianic expectations and promised rewards for eradicating loyalists brought the new (((monotheism))) to a boiling point of zeal. If this all sounds disturbingly familiar to you, like a blueprint or test trial for Christianism 1.0, just remember that Jewish proxy cults are never complete without a Jewsade against the Parasite’s enemies and hosts both.

And so the stage was set – rigged, one might say, in a manner all too familiar to present eyes. The Persians, except for a few ur-heathens in the remotest corners of the mairyas’ lands, sought to conquer the world in messianoid monotheomania to bring all peoples under the sway of their deva-hating demiurge. The Hellenes were forced into fighting kindred Indo-Europeans just to keep their own ways and gods, only for their descendants to capitulate to an even more toxic and despicable Enemy cult in less than a thousand years.

And who, or what, truly gained from this evil brother-war so lauded in the modern Kosher West? Was it the once noble Persians who purged their own kin for remaining loyal to who they really were as Aryans, and spent their fire and vigour in service to the ultimate Anarya Enemy? Was it the Greeks, victorious and short-sighted, chasing the luxuries of empire grown decadent and succumbing through first hubris and then tiredness to the Anarya Virus’ next mutation, to Christianity? Or was it the Jew, playing Aryan against potential Aryan as the ultimate brother-war profiteer, testing its first strain of the Infection in the field and taking notes before the concoction of Christianism 2.0?

Readers – I hope, Aryans: – even silly memes from silly people can be right. We cannot afford ANY more brother wars. But know who your brothers are, know who you are! We Aryans have a sacred duty to protect Our Peoples’ Wisdom, Power, and Beauty by burning away the trash and culls. Being trash that happens to be ‘white’ (like Georgians and many hybrid Jewes) or speak an ‘Indo-European’ language (like such corruptions as Yiddish and Gypsy) will not save you if you are trash!

Remember what it means to be Aryan. One can be of impeccable R1a (East) or R1b (West) lineage, but without Initiation into Aryan Spirituality one is simply an Indo-European with potential – and sometimes casting insults East or West, ignoring Blood and Spirit in favour of vulgar nationalism; in favour of brother-war! One can speak a dozen primordially related languages of our tribes from Ireland all the way to India, but if one has not sought Truth one is only making sounds. ‘White’ is a skin colour, and one only acquired by those West-Aryans interbreeding with European natives I might add. ‘Indo-European’ is a starting point of tribe/culture/language, but does not – alone – an Aryan make.

An Aryan – is one initiated into and practicing Aryan Spirituality, and nothing less! But, by rejecting kin-maiming brother wars and all other Enemy tricks; by scorning Enemy cults to honour Our Gods and Rites; by standing shoulder to shoulder in the RIGHT phalanx, Together against the greatest Enemy and all others, reaching from this Earth to the Stars – We can be So Much More.

Let Us Be Noble To One Another,
And Terrible To Our Enemies!

For the Glory of Our Gods,
Our Ancestors,
And Our Destiny!

  • Vəhrka