The East-Aryans

Pertinent modern concentrations of Y-DNA haplogroup R1a

The Aryan peoples of the East can best be found by first searching out, as a general rule,  the genetic carrier of spiritual essence – in this case the R1a paternal line. An exception to this is the far-adventuring Tocharian tribe bearing R1b genes far afield into Asia, but still most easily addressed within the East-Aryan grouping.

The greatest known concentrations of the R1a gene to-day are amongst the Bráhmaṇás (particularly of West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar), Mohana, Chitwan Hindoos, Ishkashimi, Khatris, Tajiks (particularly of Panjakent), Lusatians, Gujarati Lohanas, Poles, White Russians, Great Russians, Little Russians (particularly Rusyns), Pathans, Bohemians, Hungarians, Slovaks,  Moldavians, and the great northern belt of Indo-Aryan peoples.

These East-Aryan peoples showcase some of our kin’s longest-recorded histories, and in some cases amongst Indian Bráhmaṇás and the isolated Kalash have even maintained genuine Aryan Spirituality in the face of all the Kali Yuga’s corrosive might.

Learn from them!

Tribe by tribe, the East-Aryan peoples will be discussed on pages relating to the:

  • Indo-Aryans
  • Persians
  • Tocharians
  • Slavi
  • Balts